Fort Free Quotes

Fort Free Quotes

Temptation is the art of luring the Christian out of his protection circle. The tempter has no permission to step inside the circle but he works tirelessly in enticing the christian to make himself vulnerable to him.

Her tears are too heavy they sink my heart, I hope she stopped crying.

This song Emily by Joanna Newsom attaches my body to my soul which sails out and around me desperately trying to escape all the time. I still don't understand it's original meaning.

This comedy show will end.
The endless streams of tears of a 79 year old woman are now enough for her to wash her swollen feet.

I am so exhausted and bored of my life. I should try something extreme, it must promise a lot of fear and pain but end with eternal silence, like suicide.

Every time I listen to this song, its like I regain my soul. its a hurtful joy far deep in my heart.

I think suicide is the most painful minute a person can go through, but it somehow may be beautiful to devout to that pain with the joy of it's promise; silence, because we have no peace we deserve a little silence.

I have finally redeemed myself of people's expectations of me, and so I have attained the freedom to be who and what I dreamed myself being.

I smell freedom, it smells like slow heavy rain drops hitting the warm, thick detached red dust of a busy unpaved road.

My dream is big and it travels on top of the waves of change and transformation for many but it starts here, next to home.

Change has to be either good or necessary.

I respect people not for who they are but for who I am.

My soul is sailing out and around me constantly trying to escape my body.

Patrick Watson makes my soul crawl out of it's hiding place.

Suicide is okay. I see my cousin as a courageous man for commit to it's seductive call. It's a short rough ride to guaranteed silence which we are so desperate for. The courage to go through that minute is all it takes.

I am not a man, I am compassion, passion and progress.

I've seen men suffer like rural dogs and others prosper like gods.

If men are dogs, then women are desperate dogs.

We all agree men are dogs, with the similar conviction let's also agree to the quiet truth; women are desperate dogs.

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