Gilles Deleuze Quotes

Gilles Deleuze Quotes

If you're trapped in the dream of the Other, you're fucked.. Gilles Deleuze
If you're trapped in the dream of the Other, you're fucked.

A concept is a brick. It can be used to build a courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.

The shame of being a man - is there any better reason to write?

Writing has nothing to do with meaning. It has to do with landsurveying and cartography, including the mapping of countries yet to come.

Lose your face: become capable of loving without remembering, without phantasm and without interpretation, without taking stock. Let there just be fluxes, which sometimes dry up, freeze or overflow, which sometimes combine or diverge.

Bring something incomprehensible into the world!

In truth, Freud sees nothing and understands nothing.

You never walk alone. Even the devil is the lord of flies.

Forming grammatically correct sentences is for the normal individual the prerequisite for any submission to social laws. No one is supposed to be ignorant of grammaticality; those who are belong in special institutions. The unity of language is fundamentally political.

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