Heather O'Neill Quotes

Heather O'Neill Quotes

Women aren't mean the way that men are. They're full of life and they're like God in that way.

The home is the most ritualized place in a society; each house is like a religious order with its own ceremonies.

I was always moved when mean people were suddenly nice to me. It was a weakness that would lead me into some bad relationships later in life.

Oh, we had a lot of sex back then in Montreal; it wasn’t just me. Blame it on the cold. The roses in everyone’s cheeks made them seem way more appealing than they actually were. We confused the indoors with intimacy and electric heating with connection.

From the way that people have always talked about your heart being broken, it sort of seemed to be a one-time thing. Mine seemed to break all the time.

The smallest a family can be is two members, and that was Jules and me.

Sometimes when you are standing still and it’s snowing, you think that you hear music. You can’t tell where it’s coming from either. I wondered if we all really did have a soundtrack, but we just get so used to it that we can’t hear it anymore, the same way that we block out the sound of our own heartbeat.

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