Ikechukwu Joseph Quotes

Ikechukwu Joseph Quotes

stars shine brighter in the blackness of darkness.Cheer up no matter your pains

In life journey it is better to be a supporting pillar than a destroying carterpillar.

What you do with the God living inside you will determine how you’ll meet the God that is above you .

You cannot win the future if you don't forgive your past

In every problem there is opportunity to win or lose, rise or fall...Ur actions or reactions are the deciding factor

You can create viable ventures out of turbulent adventure. Make a move today

Locate your place in God. It is a place of GOLD

Old age is not a limitation or that your time have expired.
Retirement is not that you are tired.You have more experience

Every SEED contains a Tree.No seed no harvest, no sowing no reaping, if u talk of day is 'cos there is nite. Seed-time comes before harvest.

Judas : handling betrayal with sincerity:

People are your responsibility and character is the hidden powers that cause the miracle people


His Pronouncement is Your Announcement -I will make thy name great

A leader in the leader is your positional status in the body while the leader in a leader is Christ in you the hope of glory

A critical point: Is an inter-phase between crisis and normalcy, life and death, danger and safety, failure and success

It is hard to say it is well when you are inside the well but is better to look up in life

Do something,get something. Do nothing,get nothing.
Doing is the beginning of being. Being is the beginning of
achieving. Achieving is the essence of living and
living is the spices of life

Excluding the God of providence in your life’s configuration and design is like removing the thermostat from a thermodynamic system.

Your attitude determines your altitude and your altitude your accolades, access and success.

Every problem has one immediate cause, many remote causes, long term and short term effects

You can create sense out of nonsense, something out of nothing. You can create wealth out of dearth, viable ventures out of turbulent adventures. You can create mercies out of miseries. You can create tomorrow’s peace out of today’s crisis.

quality input determines a quality output and feedback.

Joseph went from kidnap experience to pit, to slavery, to prison then to PRIME MINISTER

Self-identity is about content not the container that carry
the identity,contextual value and not a solo island. It is about conception and not just a birth process.

You will need people who know what u don’t, who have what u don’t have, people who have done what u have not for they are better prepared

Crisis can go on to a critical point or turning point where deciding factors plays their games. It is a point to surrender or survive, stay alive or die. You can rise above the storm.

Fixed mindset is not amenable to change and growth.dogmatic,opinionated.Solution:Allow God and Gods.Let this mind that was in christ...

Every destiny comes with a destiny activator or proof producer. Someone God will use to bring out he best in you. Elisha needed an Elijah, Joshua needed a Moses, Lot needed an Abraham, and Timothy needed a Paul

in life it is better to be a supporting pillar than a destroying caterpillar

Stay with and pursue your dreams, and
history will tell your stories in golden,
glossy and embossed shining foils

The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the extra. Go the extra mile and enter your extraordinary success

You need to understand your potentials to transform it. look in to Yourself, upwards to God then outwards to your environ

-Those who never face oppositions always stop at propositions.
-Those who never confront obstacles live with delays and postponements

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