Indy Bissessur Quotes

Indy Bissessur Quotes

Fear is what's gonna lock you up in your coffin and bury you alive, unless you decide to storm out of it as soon as possible.

Revolution starts within our own heart, not on the street

Forgiveness means that you are willing to give someone else a second chance to breathe in new life in his body. That is one of the greatest attribution of a Leader.

We live in a world full of duplicity.We are surrounded by people with duplicitous nature.They will be shooting arrows to question our honesty at every step we make.
Therefore,it is our duty to protect ourselves by using our integrity as an armor and march forward, victoriously.

You wanna know how to turn yourself into a better person,then, instead of looking outside the window ,start looking in a mirror, the one that is located within your own heart

Perfection of this human life happens when we take the responsibility to be and act as authentic Leaders in every life situation.

During rough time in a Business, a Leader should act like a ship captain. His first and foremost priority should be to put his employees to security before thinking of his own welfare.

Powerful and Positive thoughts create Pure and Transcendental emotions that can instantly connect two individual soul in different part of this world or universe through the medium of love

You can be a dreamer as long as you dont forget there's a reality and you are currently living it.

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