Emotions Quotes

Jourdane Erasquin

I miss you every minute of every day. If I could miss you more than that, I would.

A.J. Darkholme

Time doesn't always heal all wounds.


And empty words are evil.

Vironika Tugaleva

In our thoughts, we hold the key to our feelings. In our minds, we hold the key to love.

Nicholas Sparks

The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it...

Friedrich Nietzsche

One ought to hold on to one's heart; for if one lets it go, one soon
One ought to hold on to one's heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.

Jess C. Scott

I envy people that know love. That have someone who takes them as they are.

Pseudonymous Bosch

Books can also provoke emotions. And emotions sometimes are even more troublesome than ideas. Emotions have led people to do all sorts of things they later regret-like, oh, throwing a book at someone else.

Ram Mohan

Fall in love.. that is fine, but just make sure you fall deep enough to stay there forever.

Sarah Dessen

I wondered if emotions were like menstrual cycles, if you get enough women together. Give it
I wondered if emotions were like menstrual cycles, if you get enough women together. Give it time, and everyone was crying.

Jourdane Erasquin

If you only knew how to respect my heart, I wouldn't have found a reason to let you go.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

If someone doesn't care to accept you, respect you, believe in you, don't hesitate to move on and let them go. There are many who love and appreciate you just the way you are.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Simple minded people do things like gossip, lie, spread rumors, and cause troubles. But, I know you're more intelligent.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Sometimes in life you find love so powerful that you get tunnel vision. You only see the one you love, the one you desire. No one or no thing gets in the way of what you feel. A love so strong which makes you feel invincible in this world. And, everywhere you go, all the people can see you glow.

Chitralekha Paul

And people turn to internet with the hope that in this virtual world, where real identity need not be disclosed, they will find someone before whom they could be their true self,without any pretensions and get an opportunity to release the pent-up emotions and feel light.

Tom Robbins

She continued weeping until the heat of her tear water, the sheer velocity of its flow,
She continued weeping until the heat of her tear water, the sheer velocity of its flow, finally obscured the already vague circumstances of its origins.

Arti Honrao

I do not write poetry; I take words and dip them in feelings.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Consider your actions and words. Be thoughtful when expressing your feelings or concerns. Sometimes it's not what you say, but the way you say it. That makes all the difference

Ram Mohan

The ones who appear to be unemotional are in real the most emotional ones.

Ram Mohan

If something hurts you, be happy that you have a heart that hurts.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Many things are spoken out loud, but be careful of those words that you whisper to yourself. You have the ability to uplift yourself or condemn yourself. If your thoughts are depressingly running across your mind. You need to make adjustments and change your way of thinking.

A.J. Darkholme

Trust is not a gasoline-soaked blanket that succumbs to the matches of betrayal, never able to be used for its warmth again; it’s a tapestry that wears thin in places, but can be patched over if you have the right materials, circumstances, and patience to repair it. If you don’t, you’re always the one who feels the coldest when winter comes.

A.J. Darkholme

[Everything you write is] not simply a collection of words, but a means of influence not to be taken lightly. Let your recipient's emotions be the gondola, and your words, its gondolier.

Agnostic Zetetic

Even with the very best of intentions, even with the ambition of making the world a better place, when we cast judgment upon people whose lifestyles, beliefs, or predilections we dislike, we add to the emotional filth of hostility and make the world feel a little less safe for the folks we’re genuinely trying to help.

Lauren Oliver

Once you let in the word, once you allow it to take root, it will spread like a mold through all of your corners and dark spaces - and with it, the questions, the shivery, splintered fears, enough to keep you permanently awake.

Bryant McGill

All defensiveness and emotional tumult is a fear response because of your need for acceptance and ruthless control of the territory of your safe fantasy world.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Almost everybody gets tired and bored by one lackadaisical topic. If you hit them with something delicious, like a sexy adventure, then the world will want to hear you speak, mind you! Don't become a vulgarian.

Gabrielle Zevin

His heart is too full, and no words to release it.

Jourdane Erasquin

There are times that the emotions we keep in our hearts, no matter how abundant, are better left unexpressed.

Monica Ali

The thought of writing was always pleasant, but the process was painful

Amit Kalantri

Memories make you sentimental, experiences make you smart.

Amit Kalantri

Not obedience or feelings or respect, there is only one thing which people take seriously at all time and its "money".

Ashly Lorenzana

The parts of me that hurt the worst want me to write something for them, but I can't. I don't know what to say. I'm lost in all this sadness, and so are they.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Your emotions will wander like a vagabond when you're indebted. Those happy moments with friends will soon be interrupted with a frowning creditor in your sub-conscious, and all your frenzy will be taken aback.

Nick Hornby

That's the trouble with good writers. Only the bad ones make you want to do the human thing and look away.

D.H. Lawrence

I am turned into a dream. I feel nothing, or I don't know what I feel. Yet it seems to me I am happy.

Charlotte Beers

Relying only on logic, on what can be factually established, may inform or intimidate, but it will rarely stir anyone into action or change.

Piers Anthony

Is it foolish to care for non-existent folk?
Then, leave me to my foolishness.

Janet Fitch

That was the thing about words, they were clear and specific-chair, eye, stone-but when you talked about feelings, words were too stiff, they were this and not that, they couldn't include all the meanings. In defining, they always left something out.

Carolee Dean

I got words in me, Jess, fighting to find a way out. Sometimes there's so many words and they get so crowded in my skull I think my head is gonna explode. I want to write them down. I've tried, but most of the time my thoughts and my feelings are bigger than what I can get on paper.

Dave Matthes

Embrace all emotions: sadness, happiness, sorrow, hate, love, prejudice, fear; they are weapons against our greatest enemy: indifference.

Gillian Flynn

I'd developed an inability to demonstrate much negative emotion at all. It was another thing that made me seem like a dick - my stomach could be all oiled eels, and you would get nothing from my face and less from my words. It was a constant problem: too much control or no control at all.

Pratik Akkawar

Words won’t have meaning until you put your emotions into them.

Harshada Pathare

Love blinds me so deep and dark, I see the world full of innocence, thoughts filled with affection, time brimming with hope and future flowing with my dreams.

Karl Kloppenborg

Attitudes are like mirrors, they reflect towards anyone that's looking.. Karl Kloppenborg
Attitudes are like mirrors, they reflect towards anyone that's looking.

Andrew James Pritchard

Artists shouldn't wait until they are told what their art should be, they shouldn't follow trends or allow other people to influence their work, an artist should only create from the strongest emotions within their heart

Chris Prentiss

The more you engage in any type of emotion or behavior, the greater your desire for it will become.

Marissa Meyer

I knew they would kill me when they found out, but…” He struggled for words, releasing a sharp breath. “I think I realized that I would rather die because I betrayed them, than live because I betrayed you.

Emma Thompson

Can he love her? Can the soul really be satisfied with such polite affections? To love is to burn - to be on fire, like Juliet or Guinevere or Eloise...

Tite Kubo

What is this "heart"? If I tear open that chest of yours, will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there?

Elizabeth Gilbert

Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.

Horace Walpole

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.

Jean Racine

Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.

Judith Guest

People who keep stiff upper lips find that it's damn hard to smile.

Audrey Niffenegger

Our love has been the thread through the
labyrinth, the net under the high-wire walker, the only real thing in this strange life of mine that I could ever trust.

Pascal Mercier

A feeling is no longer the same when it comes the second time. It dies through the awareness of its return. We become tired and weary of our feelings when they come too often and last too long.

Michael Bassey Johnson

True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.

Alain De Botton

The moment we cry in a film is not when things are sad but when they turn out to be more beautiful than we expected them to be.

David Hume

Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions.

Paul F. Davis

The sun always shines above the clouds.

Sangita Pareek

A person who wants to know everything eventually comes to a stage where his/her curiosity of knowing everything comes to an end and that is the stage of Enlightenment.

Robert Tew

To be happy, you must let go of all the negative beliefs, emotions and people that are holding you back in life.

Kij Johnson

Happiness is the pleasantest of emotions; because of this, it is the most dangerous. Having once felt happiness, one will do anything to maintain it, and losing it, one will grieve.

Stephen Richards

Grief helps you come to grips with the loss of a loved one. Guilt helps you make better moral decisions or bring you to apologise for a wrongdoing. In proper doses, these types of negative emotions are necessary and healthy.

Sameh Elsayed

Complaining from lack of food doesn't always affect my emotions. complaining from lack of knowledge, passion, creative ideas and happiness always does.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Stop living in the shadows of another. You've been given everything needed to live a purposed filled life. Don't be a second rate version of yourself.

Ralph Marston

Feelings come and feelings go. There is no need to fear them and no need to crave them. Be open to your feelings and experience them while they are here. Then be open to the feelings that will come next. Your feelings are a part of your experience. Yet no mere feeling, however intense it may seem, is your permanent reality.

Jess C. Scott

One hand was behind his back, and he held it out, presenting a bouquet of white and smoky purple lilies.

“They’re straight from the underworld, by the way. They are everlasting. They won’t die.

Ruskin Bond

love is undying,of that I feel certain.I mean deep,abiding,cherishing love.The love that gives protection even as you,my guardian angel,gave me protection long after you had gone-and continue to give this very day...
A love beyond Death-a love that makes Life alive!

Elisabeth Elliot

Choices will continually be necessary and - let us not forget - possible. Obedience to God is always possible. It is a deadly error to fall into the notion that when feelings are extremely strong we can do nothing but act on them.

Sangita Pareek

Spirituality can exists only in a pure heart.

Sangita Pareek

Spirituality can exist only in a pure heart.

Jennifer Donnelly

I don't like hope very much. In fact, I hate it. It's the crystal meth of emotions. It hooks you fast and kills you hard. It's bad news. The worst. It's sharp sticks and cherry bombs. When hope shows up, it's only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

Jennifer Donnelly

Hope is the crystal meth of emotions. It hooks you fast and kills you hard.

Charles Du Bos

Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose.

Sameh Elsayed

Perfection does not mean errorless . Real perfection starts with real intention and ends with delivery, all driven by seeking knowledge, trial & error and investing emotions. Whatever delivered after that is perfect .

Gerald L. Clore

Whereas cognitive constraints on negative emotions can reduce distress, freeing positive emotions from such constraints can enhance religious experience.

C. JoyBell C.

I am an extremely sincere individual. I am sincere, to a fault. One of the many things that I have come to realize, to learn, is that sincerity must be reserved and given only to those who deserve it. And one must save one's emotions, channeling them only to the people who are worthy of it. One must not throw one's pearls to the pigs.

Molly Friedenfeld

We can honor our emotions after any traumatic event by moving through the experience centered in the heart with the goal of reaching the light on the other side.

Jackson Pearce

It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty. It hurts us.

M.C. Humphreys

Quotes ain’t all that useful. Fact is, there’s more concise ways to express what you’re feelin’, like screams and moans.

Billy Ray Chitwood

I ate some emotional soup in my childhood and have spent a lifetime trying to digest it.

Shailee J-N

I'm tired of hurting from the people who leave me. I'm tired of getting comfortable with others. I tell you everything and you leave. It's like you're take what is good in me and all that is left in me is an empty shitty feeling.

Judith Orloff

How you react emotionally is a choice in any situation.

Erica Goros

Emotions are like muscles. Most of them go highly unattended, it's usually the weaker, undefined ones that cause injury to the rest, and there is most certainly memory response in play.

Fred Vargas

Laura n'a jamais dissimulé ni différé le moindre de ses sentiments. Si Laura aime quelqu'un, elle l'embrasse, si Laura boit, elle est ivre, et elle le dit, si elle s'emmerde, elle quitte la table au milieu du repas, en disant qu'elle s'emmerde, et si elle veut tuer quelqu'un, elle le tue. Et elle le tue elle-même, et elle dit pourquoi!

Ram Mohan

Your decisions can be shallow or extreme, what matters is, if you stick to them or not.

Chris Prentiss

Negative emotions, like depression or anxiety, have been shown to affect our immune system. Stress impedes wound healing.

Mike Basevic

You are not stress...you are experiencing stress. You are not anxiety...you are experiencing anxiety. You are not fear...you are experiencing fear. You can recognize the fact that you are not your emotions and simply accept the experience of that emotion and move right through it.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Wake up with a purpose and make every effort to succeed. Many people spend their lives just going through the motions. They are satisfied with their daily routines or habitual lifestyles. Don't be complacent with those activities. Challenge yourself to be better, do greater things.

Jason Barger

people will forget what you said, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Chris Crutcher

He tries to force the anger down, but it's like an anvil on his chest. He closes his eyes, like Sammy taught him, and forces the anvil up; he softens.

Kemi Sogunle

Life cannot impose on you that which you aren't willing to accept. Don't let your emotions/feelings push you towards accepting less than what you truly deserve. Believe in yourself, be confident and stay focused. The best lies before and within you...it's all matter of your choice. Choose wisely!

K. Love

Big Love and More Light!

Shannon A. Thompson

I knew why love was always described with eternity. A single minute stretched out for lifetimes.

A.J. Darkholme

Trust is always a risk, but when placed in the right people after a trial period where they prove themselves worthy of it, it is a reward transcendent of all the emotional mire that bogs down a person’s potential.

Ram Mohan

Only those relationships last forever that do not have a name.

Ram Mohan

The strongest love is that which flows out of fear.

Ram Mohan

The one who cries, is always the one who is in need.

Ellen Kenner

Romantic love is the most selfish of all emotions.

Agnostic Zetetic

Should' assumes that when either willingness or ability is lacking, it may be compensated for by an abundance of the other. This is simply not realistic.

Oscar Wilde

The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray, and the advantage of science is that it is not emotional.

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