Innocent Mwatsikesimbe Quotes

Innocent Mwatsikesimbe Quotes

The days seem short, and time seems too little to do what you love.

Today is nothing but a snapshot of a place I've been, but not the place I'll always be.

So each time a person decides to wait for 'time to change things', he or she is actually waiting for other people to change his or her fortunes.

You can always learn to do more than you can at any point in your life.

Time is the easiest asset to spend recklessly...

Why do you wake up in the morning?

Originality of mind untainted,
And enthusiasm for life, unlimited.

You only know how you feel, and you can only guess how others feel.

A peaceful mind is a powerful mind...Set your mind at ease and take charge of yourself.

Great things often start out small, and only open minds can perceive their inception.

When all is said and done, I personally think that success is when you're consistently improving and outdoing yourself.

I'm not afraid of heights,
I actually want to go higher.

Any empathic person who knows how valuable time is will think twice before wasting another person's time, because losing time is losing a part of your life.

Heart to heart we speak the same language.

Your heart is your compass in the journey of life; follow it.

The real world is oftentimes different from what you expect it to be, what you think it to be, and what people might say it to be.

Your action plan is what you use to turn your dream into reality.

They live life out loud.
Can you hear their sound?

You change the future by taking control of the present. Know how to use your minutes and hours.

Most good decisions that a person make are a result of reflection and the will to change.

Can trust be trusted?

Let your hair loose, and enjoy the breeze.
Go out into the woods and sit under trees,
Do whatever it takes and set your mind at ease.

In calmness of mind is greatness

Life has a way of filling up one's time with many different things to do. So much so that you turn a blind eye to the things that really matter.

That satisfying moment when you wake up and notice that you're living out your dream..

Dreams become reality as you walk toward them

Reflection and learning are lifelong processes...

Avoiding things that you deem unattainable on first sight will limit you.

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