Isabella Poretsis Quotes

Isabella Poretsis Quotes

Never expect to be given anything, other than love, for free in your life because if you do you will fail.

When did the skin on our bodies, the difference in our voice, or the direction our heart takes us decide whether or not we should have human rights?

Just because someone says it is so doesn't mean it is.

You should never do everything for free because you won't be able to survive alone or in comfort. But you should never charge for everything or too much because neither will the people who are giving you the money.

If women and men want to be treated as adults they must begin to act without the childish selfishness that pollutes our world.

All humans are alike and all humans are equal. It is just the perception of the eye that sees any different.

Death and Rebirth is one of the most crucial parts of life, without one the other simply cannot exist!

Knowledge is just a strong belief shared internationally that can be changed at any moment.

Everyone has the right to speak their feelings without fear, we all have the right, duty and privilege of allowing that to happen.

Who wants to live in fear when you can live in hope.

A belief is not a sight seen by a group or an agreed statement made. Belief is the truth and reality of the situation to yourself and only you.

If someone needs you don't let them down. Because when you need someone and there is no one to be found you will know how they felt.

I am my own creation. I create my own stars - and reach them.

It takes someone strong to leave with their head held high. It takes someone stronger to stay with their head held higher.

The greatest philosophy comes from the 'insanest' of people.

Women want respect but are let down by those of them who don't respect themselves. Several men use this as an excuse to disrespect women. We are born with this as the norm and not a tragedy!

If those in power were smart or kind then there would not be any unnecessary animal cruelty in our world. "If.

Don't trust labels - trust logic.

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