J.F. Kelly Quotes

J.F. Kelly Quotes

If women were totally satisfied with their sexual and lovemaking experiences, women would welcome the lovemaking experience as much as men.

Women need to assert their rights in the bedroom too - many women have done so in the workplace; many women have done so in house chores and parenting, but women's rights are sorely lacking in the bedroom.

Intimacy and lovemaking - intertwined, meshed, and one becoming the other - are what I strive to achieve each time I am presented with the opportunity to enjoy a lovemaking experience.

We do not know whether I am making love to you or you are making love to me. The experience is so completely mutual. It feels awesome. I wish it could last forever.

Every person has the right to be loved in the way she/he wants to be loved. Making love is not something you do to someone; making love is something you share.

Women enjoy sex as much as men...if they were totally satisfied in sexual encounters, they would welcome them.

BDSM is not liberating nor does it promote equality between men and women.

In most cases, our thoughts about experiences that have happened to us cause greater grief than the events themselves. Understanding it may be difficult and require some effort, but remind yourself as often as you need to, that past and future exist only as stories in our minds.

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