J.L. Sheppard Quotes

J.L. Sheppard Quotes

And the more he gazed at her, the more he felt a twinge of something he couldn’t quite describe, an unknown surge that bubbled inside him from the first moment he’d caught sight of her, and it wouldn’t release him.

He would give up his wings and heaven for her, a woman he loved but would never truly belong to him, a woman he could never keep. He’d fall and be banished from the only home he’d ever known, but he could never give her up. He’d keep her, enjoy her and love her as long as he could.

I can’t let it happen. I can’t risk it. I have to protect you, and I will. With every breath in me, I will.

I made the decision. I want you more than I want heaven, more than I want to be an angel. I love you more than who I was created to be.

I would love to see her set you on fire.

I love you, Jocelyn, and nothing, not even death, will ever keep me away from you.

I refuse to live in a constant fighting match, Landon. It will not do!'
'And I’ve tried living without you, and it just won’t do!

He would never forget her. The distance he forced had done nothing to soothe his aching soul. It had done nothing to diminish that she was his. He tried to deny it at first, thinking it nothing more than a cosmic mistake, but after a month without a glimpse of her, there was no question.
She belonged to him.

Sleep now, baby. I’ll be here when you wake.

I’d chase you anyway. I’ll chase you forever.

I will carry you kicking and screaming like a child then spank you. We can do this my way or yours.

When we get there, don’t go in huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

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