Paranormal Quotes

Becca Fitzpatrick

I saw you, and I wanted to be close to you. I wanted you to let me in. I wanted to know you in a way no one else did. I wanted you, all of you.

S.G. Holster

It’s a very private moment when your heart breaks. I was thankful we were alone. I knew I couldn’t keep her, but I would always do anything to protect her.

Jess C. Scott

I envy people that know love. That have someone who takes them as they are.

Rachel Caine

The door banged open, and Eve rushed out, flushed and mussed and still buttoning her shirt. 'It's not what you think,' she said. 'It was just - oh, okay, whatever, it was exactly what you think. Now, what?

Jeaniene Frost

Usually my form of turning someone down was shoving a stake through his heart while smirking, Gotcha!

J.R. Ward

V shook his head. “Remember what you saw in that clearing, cop? How’d you like that anywhere near a female you loved?”

Butch put down the Bud without drinking from it. His eyes traveled over Rhage’s body.

“We’re going to need a shitload of steel,” the human muttered.

J.R. Ward

Tell you what, you let me go, and I’ll ask you plenty of questions about your race. Until then, I’m slightly distracted with how this little vacation on the good ship Holy Sh*t is going to pan out for me.

C.G. Rousing

When the mind is free, magic happens.

Julie Kagawa

Mercy is for the weak… let me show you how much of an Unseelie I still am.

Priya Ardis

He’d used the amulet to read my thoughts again.
I pictured smacking him in the face.

Cynthia Leitich Smith

I may be heaven-sent, but I'm not perfect.

Priya Ardis

Matt was almost completely naked. A tattered loincloth and an ugly chain with a yellow diamond were his only apparel.

Taylor Longford

After Reason had left the dining room, Valor’s mouth softened into smile. “Let us know if you have any symptoms.”

“Symptoms?” I asked, and jerked my gaze to his eyes. “What kind of symptoms?”

“Tell us if your fingernails turn to stone,” Victor chuckled.

Heather Jensen

I wanted to apologize but what could I say? I’m sorry but I’m afraid my fangs might freak you out. Oh and by the way my eyes sort of glow in the dark when I get excited. I hope you’re cool with that.

Lucy Swing

I didn't pretend to comprehend what he meant. I simply closed my eyes and let his arms wrap around me. The warmth that came from his body made me feel at home, as if, somehow, this is where I belonged. He smelled of woods after a thunderstorm, clean and elemental.

Priya Ardis

Rough palms cradled my face while my fingers gripped the pillow on either side of his. Lips, teeth, tongue, mingled together. I ate him up and didn’t let go until I had to come up for air.

Taylor Longford

MacKenzie grinned at Mim. "They love the modern appliances."

"Especially the electric floor sweeper," Valor chuckled.

"Defiance really has a thing for the vacuum cleaner," MacKenzie agreed in a secretive whisper.

"If he ever has kids, he'll probably name the first one Hoover," Havoc snickered.

Terri Clark

I didn't want to go to hell, but even the idea of reclaining my halo scared me because it would mean leaving Aly.

Nick Hastings

Kurt pick his way around testing for heat before taking each step and avoiding places where the ash was heaps up.

Doug Dillon

The physical world we live in is just the beginning.

Christy A. Campbell

He wishes he could remember everything. Anything. He doesn’t sense a bone in his body that can feel compassion or worthiness. Self-pity hides away as well, the lowest form of emotion not even capable of resting in his wrecked mind.

Jerril Thomas Abraham

When you walk,go different roads that take you nowhere,and see your world.

Michael Bassey Johnson

The impression in the colors of your profound words evokes an everlasting impression in the mind of whosoever hears it.

M.G. Wells

Small Acts of Kindness are Priceless

Priya Ardis

Why did you wear heels? How are you supposed to fight a gargoyle in what you're wearing?

E.J. Stevens

Emma was doing something nice for Simon? Hell must be enjoying the snow day.

Priya Ardis

Plus, I happened to be a history nerd. Why else would I be interested in a guy born in the year 519?

Priya Ardis

If I were to lock you up in a dungeon, I guarantee you would not be bored.

Priya Ardis

The last declaration he'd made to me hung between us. The L word. The one that had nothing to do with like.

Priya Ardis

The combination of razor-sharp wit (completely real) and his credentials (completely fake) had won them over in the end.

Anna Banks

Nice shack

Melissa Eskue Ousley

You used to scream so well when you were scared, back when I lived under your bed.

Meghan Ciana Doidge

I might be able to walk away from sexy, dangerous shifters, but chocolate had me at its beck and call.

Melissa Eskue Ousley

He knew what the thing was going to do next. It was going to climb the hood slowly, toying with them before crushing in the windshield and eating them all alive.

R. Rose

I have two rules I follow religiously:
#1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
#2. It's all small stuff.

Eli Hinze

Tonight she was just plain Liz, nobody extraordinary, paranormal, or otherwise.
Tomorrow, that would change.

Kimberly Kinrade

In one blow, that dream died as they dragged me - him - away. A tear slid down my cheek. I wasn't the only one mourning the loss of a dream.
"I'm sorry."
'You're not alone, I just wanted you to know that. And someday, when I have my powers back and am free, I'm going to do some serious damage to the people who've hurt you.

Charity Santiago

I once knew a girl who was like a dying rainbow. Her colors were incomparable, her countenance a whirlwind of brilliance. As much as she shone, however, she faded into nothingness, at times so quickly that I was unsure whether she had existed at all.

Sophie Jordan

He may be stronger, but I'm not defenseless. He knows that, of coarse. That's why he's here. He wants me for what I can do after all.

Michael Bassey Johnson

The greatest book is one written by your pen, but not exactly from your mind.

Rick Yancey

Is this how humanity waves good-bye? Hell no.. Rick Yancey
Is this how humanity waves good-bye?
Hell no.

Rick Yancey

You know how sometimes you tell yourself that you have a choice, but really you don't have a choice? Just because there are alternatives doesn't mean they apply to you.

Emlyn Chand

They say that right before you die your whole life flashes before you – a medley of your own personal greatest hits. Well then, I must be about to live, because events that haven’t happened yet are constantly pushing themselves into my head.

Rick Yancey

We'd stared into the face of Death, and Death blinked first. You'd think that would make
We'd stared into the face of Death, and Death blinked first. You'd think that would make us feel brave and invincible. It didn't.

Rick Yancey

I brought Sammy inside and put him to bed. Said his prayer with him. “‘Now I lay me down to sleep…’” To me, just random noise. Gibberish. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I felt that, when it came to God, there was a broken promise in there somewhere.

C.G. Rousing

The only wand you'll ever need is a better-feeling thought.

Jonathan Yanez

Pain, sorrow, anger, these are all powerful emotions. Allowed to rule and left unchecked, they would destroy you. However, through training and willpower you can choose to harness those feelings and use them for something great.

Michael Poeltl

In such a person, sadness breeds purpose; finding inspiration in the darkness and often times, I believe, they will impress a hell onto their own lives in order to re-create it, that others might suffer the experience from the comfort of their armchairs. - Quote from Her Past's Present.

Nalini Singh

How long have you been with Raphael?”
“You ask a lot of questions for a dead woman.”
“What can I say? I prefer to die well-informed.”
-Venom and Elena

P.C. Cast

Oh for craps sake. You're not dying again, are you? It's seriously inconvenient when you do that." -Aphrodite

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hey!" Caleb snapped as he realized Nick was about to lock him on the outside with their attackers. He pushed the door open and glared at him. "No man left behind."

Nick scoffed. "This aint' the army, boy. It's every man for himself. Fall behind. Get eaten

Shannon Delany

You know, considering your IQ, you're really socially retarded sometimes.

Cyndi Goodgame

I never quite understood the question that says, is the glass half empty or half full? What’s the difference? Eventually it’ll end up empty and in the trash.

Doug Dillon

Other people are only aspects of our own greater being.

L.J. Smith

Come on, it’s an American tradition. Apple soup? Mom’s homemade chicken pie?'
She chuckled in spite of herself, then winced. 'It’s apple pie and Mom’s homemade chicken soup. But you didn’t do badly, for a start.

L.J. Smith

Yeah, tell me I’m a bottle of single malt scotch, she thought. That’s the way to my heart.

Laurell K. Hamilton

I knew from the moment I heard you, the moment I saw the gun and realized that this lovely, petit woman was the executioner, that you would never die waiting for me to save you - that you would save yourself.

L.J. Smith

And just then Damon stepped out of the coat closet, and at the same time Aunt Maggie tripped him neatly and said, “Bathroom door beside you,” and picked up a vase and hit the rising Damon over the head with it. Hard.

L.J. Smith

Bonnie, believe in me. I’ll save you.

I remember how to fly.

Jeaniene Frost

It was the sort of bone deep emotion that made him want to hold her tighter with one hand, and draw a sword against the world with the other.

Laurell K. Hamilton

Why is everything always my decision?" I asked.
Because you will not tolerate anything else."
Oh, I remembered now. "Great", I whispered.
- Anita to Jean-Claude

Kresley Cole

You've maddened me for you...have changed everything. So, I'm going to f*ck you long and hard, beauty, because if I'm to be enslaved by you-I want to be your master as well.

Sloan McBride

Life is a book waiting to happen.

Ellen Schreiber

What do you believe in?'
I believe in - finding out!

Rachel Caine

Now," said Brandons low, cold voice. "Lets not be rude eve.

Laurell K. Hamilton

I looked at Micah, who shrugged. I looked at Rafael, who shook his head. Nice that none of us knew why he was undressing.

Keri Arthur

I keep warning and warning, and nobody seems willing to listen. One of these days someone is going to wake up to the fact that I'm serious when I say never to attack my sister without looking over your shoulder for me. (Rhoan)

Keri Arthur

It hurt, remembering. Hurt because there was so much I'd done, so much I'd yet to do. In so many different ways, I now realized, not remembering had been a blessing. A brief respite in the twisted bloody mess that my life had become.
But at least I knew who I was.

Karen Marie Moning

there are three kinds of people in the world: those who don't know and don't know they don't know; those who don't know and do know they don't know; and those who know and know how much they still don't know.

Chloe Neill

Some minutes or hours or days later, when I lay boneless and well satisfied, Ethan raised his gaze to mine again. His eyes were silver, his fangs descended. "There is no going back," he said, "Not after this.

Kresley Cole

Emma turned to him, bottom lip trembling. “For me?”
“Always for you. All things for you. He coughed into his fist “All your own.

Tina Carreiro

When you give yourself to me, completely, I will bite you. Until then, my love, I will only nibble on you.”~Cole

Kirsten Miller

I look for you in every life, but I don't always find you. And sometimes I find you too late.

Amanda Ashley

That settles it, no more books about vampire before bedtime.

Charlaine Harris

So you want me to go to a human orgy, where I will not be welcome, and you want us to leave before I get to enjoy myself? ~Eric Northman

Lia Habel

No, not really. But …” Okay, I couldn’t help but gloat a little. “She likes me.”
Samedi didn’t even look at me. “Well of course, you’ve had that bloody uniform on all day. I was half ready to tell you how much I liked you.

JoAnne Kenrick

He felt like home.

J.R. Ward

V had a passing thought that she used the word "anyway" like an eraser on a crowded chalkboard. She said it whenever she needed to clear off the things she'd just shared to make room for more.

Lisa Sanchez

All masculine, hard-bodied and sensual, he was a deadly weapon sent by the gods to drive women mad, and a walking billboard for all things wicked and carnal. Orgasms! Get your orgasms here. Hot and juicy! Just how you like ‘em!

Shanon Grey

Your life is a book; make it a bestseller.

Nalini Singh

Hawke," he said. "That's the word you need to be saying.

Christine Feehan

Shadow and dust shall be reclaimed, earth sealing the tomb from which you came. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, warrior return, breathe your last. Air, earth, fire, water, hear my voice, obey my order, thrice around your grave do bound, evil sink into the ground. I now invoke the law of three, this is my will, so mote it be.

Christine Feehan

I made the decision fifteen years ago that you were my life. My everything. You were with me in my dreams my dark lover my friend and confidant.

L.J. Smith

Oh yeah? How about M'Lin the cursed?

Melodie Campbell

Recent studies have shown that approximately 40% of authors are manic depressive. The rest of us just drink.

Terri Herman-Poncé

We do not remember days, Shemei, we remember moments, and the richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.

JoAnne Kenrick

That’s the last time I put you in charge of the tequila when we’re making margaritas

Cyndi Tefft

And your green eyes are the color of the hills- the color of my home.' His voice dropped to a whisper. 'Aye, there's something about you, Lindsey Waters.

Dani Smith

Suck on this, Edward.

J.A. Belfield

My name's Sean, Jem. I'm Sean.

Yasmine Galenorn

Lips to lips, mouth to mouth,
Comes the speaker of the shrouds,
Suck in the spirit, speak the words,
Let secrets of the dead be heard.

Christina Dodd

Pray as if all things depend on God, and work as if all things depend on you.

Ronda Thompson

I've fallen in love with you. I love you even now when you sit before me with the eyes of a wolf. So take pity upon the fool I have become. I forgot it was only a bargain between us.

Heather Burch

Raven scowled through his too-long bangs. “The Angel Song doesn’t hurt humans. It only affects the evil within.”
“Then you should be writhing on the ground with the hounds,” Mace mumbled.

Yasmine Galenorn

Weave the circle, tightly sewn,
Let nothing evil or unknown
Enter within. Stay without
On pain of death, we cast you out.

J.A. Belfield

Welcome back, Jem.

Mari Mancusi

Holy fu-" he starts then catches himself."Yes,this tithe will be most pleasing to her Goodness." Me and Magnus exchange amused glances.

Maxine Wilson-Perry

Romance is everything to turn it into a cause for given is priceless

Diane J. Reed

Soul bonds can't be broken. They only bend for a while . . .

Hannah Blatchford

What came to me later in those dark, dreaming hours put paid to that though and as always my mind led me treacherously back to the bleak and inescapable truth.
There was no cure for what one had seen or done.

Carrie Ann Ryan

Yeah? You want to do some other worldly hanky panky? She laughed and almost fell off the couch. "Hanky Panky?" "Don't knock it till you try it

Dianne Duvall

You’re apologizing? Seriously, what happened to you? Have you been taken over by a pod person?

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