James S.A. Corey Quotes

James S.A. Corey Quotes

His words were full of hope and threat.

Like the stars.

It was the security man’s nightmare scenario. In the face of death, why wouldn’t there be riots? Why wouldn’t there be killing and theft and rape? If there were no consequences – or if all the consequences were the same – then anything became possible. It was his job to expect the worst of humanity, including himself.

What about you?” Scarlet asked. “You have to enjoy the fear, too. Just a little?”
“Not the fear,” Han said. “I just like being a little smarter than the next guy.”
“That’s all it is?”
“That, and I really hate paying taxes.

The sex,” he said. “I just wanted to make sure that we were okay. That things were all right between us.”
“Well,” she said, “orgasm does release a lot of oxytocin, so I’m probably more fond of you than before.

That's what it's come to, Miller thought, rubbing a hand across his chin. Pogroms after all. Cut off just a hundred more heads, just a thousand more heads, just ten thousand more heads, and then we'll be free.

Everyone’s got history,” Baasen said amiably. “Man still has to work, whatever’s in his past, eh?

Same here, Cap'n," Amos said. "I got a lot of past in my past.

One of your three mothers did the cooking? How traditional,"Naomi said with a smirk.

It was his job to expect the worst of humanity, including myself.

It was astounding, Bobbie thought, how quickly humanity could go from What unimaginable intelligence fashioned these soul-wrenching wonders? to Well, since they’re not here, can I have their stuff?

Every empire grow until its reach exceeds its grasp

The OPA man, Anderson Dawes, was sitting on a cloth folding chair outside Miller's hole, reading a book. It was a real book - onionskin pages bound in what might have been actual leather. Miller had seen pictures of them before; the idea of that much weight for a single megabyte of data struck him as decadent.

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