Jerril Thomas Abraham Quotes

Jerril Thomas Abraham Quotes

When you walk,go different roads that take you nowhere,and see your world.

Change everything you can,so that nothing else is changed.

it's not all about the direction,its about the destination.

Express yourself, Express your life, Express the Moment, Live the life.

When extremists come together extreme things happen.

Let them Teach,Let them learn,let them pray,for the world is theirs.

Change the world so that nothing else is changed.

The Question is actually the answer

It is in the elements that we found ourselves; even though the elements are not the same today.

it's not about what to think,it's about how to think.

Life is something that no one can teach you,You have to learn it.

Enjoy the tiny unexplainable second. You can learn whatever you want.

Time is going really faster than you think. That second just passed now, get up, pack the bag, get lost…

Every time when you think,Think about every first 20 seconds of your best Moments in your life time.

Even though we all know something,There is a lot more to it.

In the deep Mysteries of the world, their belong time, still unexplored and to be explored.

In the event that,If you know time really well then you know the future.

It is in the pen it belongs,THE beginning of the world and a part of you.And a big cheers to the people who believe in what they believe in.

In the pen it belongs,THE beginning of the world and a part of you.

Order of things must happen in every brief moment

Among the Mysteries of the word,their belong time,still unexplored and to be explored.

We don't see where the wind comes form, we hear it.In a way we become aware of our own Surroundings.Perception becomes reality.reality becomes Perception.

The elements are a way to define what abstract is; and abstract is a taught as like any other than ,what to think? and how to think? and you may begin..

As we all know, life is always moving on.

The process of thinking is a way of analyzing and making the right assumption at the right moment in life.

The world will and always will be running at the same pace as now,then and forever.

Unexplained isn't a word it's a statement of what it meant.And i guess in the real world that definition doesn't exists in a conceptual way.

Fail as fast as you can as much as you can and then you will know what Success is.

what you know is way Beyond you think.

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