Jessica Verday Quotes

Jessica Verday Quotes

I got a head start and ws already hanging upside down when he caught up. All the blood was rushing to my head, making me feel dizzy. "I can't stay like this much longer," I told him."Head rush."
He leaned down and stuck his face next to mine, gifting me with a beautiful smile."I know the feeling," he said. "You give me a head rush all the time.

Too long, much too long.

He didn't want me to get hurt? Wow. Just wow. I might actually be close to a swoon here

I felt my cheeks turn red, and she laughed out loud. But I didn't mind too much, because the last thing she saw was my middle finger aimed in her direction as I stepped outside

I am going to give you my heart now," I whispered. "Please don't break it again.

If I could touch anything in the world right now, it would be your heart. I want to take that piece of you and keep it with me.

How can you do it, Abbey? How can you love me? I have nothing to offer. Nothing to give you. I don't even know how long I'll stay like this. -Caspian

I'd never realized, never dreamt, that a relationship without something as simple as a touch could be so hard - Abbey

I'm your other half. (...) I'll carry your heartbeat in mine.

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