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Type: Writer

Born: May 14, 1943 (age 72), Columbus, Kansas


Jim George is an award-winning, American author of 37 books. He has co-authored 14 books, many with his wife Elizabeth George. He is a two-time finalist for the Gold Medallion Book Award.

Jim George Quotes

Let your past failures prepare you for future victories.

Remember to forget what lies behind, reach and press forward.. Jim George
Remember to forget what lies behind, reach and press forward.

You are in the world, but not to be tied to the world.

Opposition should never keep you from the work God has called you to do.

Your responsibility is to not question God’s actions or what looks like a lack of action. Your obligation is to count on God’s character.

The Word of God is your best defence against the troubles of this world.

The Christian life means putting off the character of the world and putting on the character of Christ.

Leaders are hard workers. They never expect more out of the people around them than they are willing to give themselves.

Beware of worldliness - it can turn your heart away from God.

Your impact on the lives of others-your family, the people at your church, your workmates-is cultivated with each decision you make, no matter how small.

Choose your words carefully. They reveal your inner character.

Joy comes from knowing that God is at work in your life in spite of your circumstances.

Spiritual maturity is a lifelong pursuit. We grow in spiritual maturity moment by moment, day by day, year by year.

You are being fashioned into one of two images, either God's or the worlds. Make a choice!

Whatever is true about your heart will show up in your actions.

Happiness has its source in positive feelings, while joy has its source in Jesus.

As your heart goes, so goes your family! If your heart isn't right, no child raising system, rules, or gimmicks will ever work. As your heart goes, so goes your parenting!

You will never be a leader in any area of your life if you are not a reader in those areas of life.

The basic question is not how much of our money we should give to God, but how much of God's money we should keep for ourselves.

Prayer is your attempt to bring your will and desires in line with God’s will.

Together with God you can successfully handle any difficulty.

Faithfulness in little things will prepare you for greater tasks from God.

Trails are used by God to teach you humility and dependence on His grace rather than your own strength.

Scripture, empowered by God’s Spirit, is the instrument that brings people to salvation.

Be a peacemaker but never at the expense of your character or God’s standards.

The knowledge that God is in control should give you confidence for the future.

The way we talk and our behavior should reflect positively on God.

Don’t neglect the importance of prayer in your Christian life.

What you think to be a tragedy id God’s opportunity to show Himself faithful.

Thankfulness should always be our first response when God answers prayers.

God clearly communicates His will for us through His Word.

Don’t let your personal desires distort the standards established in God’s Word.

Don’t underestimate the importance of reading and understanding God’s Word.

Jesus reveals who He is through the living Word.

The opportunity to do what is right is available at all times.

The most tried and true way to put God first is to read His Word, the Bible, and obey it. There are no shortcuts to spiritual growth.

Doubt treats God’s Word as human advice - but we should see doubt as a reminder of our need to pray.

A forgiven Christian is a forgiving Christian.

Determining to read through your Bible is a decision only you can make.

Prayer is the secret weapon that restores your trust in God.

Prayer is an acknowledgement of your dependence on God and His direction for your life.

Prayer is a heart exercise. It’s an act of communicating with God about what’s most important and pressing in your life.

Bettering the lives of others is the role of a person with a servant’s heart.

We are to take the baton of God’s truth and pass it on to the next generation of believers.

Faith is confident trust in God and the salvation He provides in His Son Jesus Christ.

If you want to be a strong, maturing Christian, your first priority is to develop a closer relationship with God.

Despair sees no hope, while hope sees no despair.

A Christian’s hope is not a possibility but a promise in Jesus.

Prayer releases your problems to God.

Your religion cannot be divorced from your relationships.

Despite the sorrows of sin, you can count on God’s faithfulness and forgiveness.

Faith, prayer, and the Word of God are the weapons God provides you with to fight spiritual battles.

Eventually your little choices are going to become habits that affect the bigger decisions you make in life.

Genuine faith will produce genuine changes in your life.

Meaningful prayer is a matter of the heart, not the eloquence of the words.

Trials are used by God to teach you dependence on His grace rather than on your strength.

There is no greater treasure than a husband who models godliness before his wife and children on a daily basis.

When you listen to your spouse, you are communicating non verbally that they are important to you.

Exercising a spiritual gift without showing true love is meaningless.

Your positive impact on the generations to come will be directly related to the ministry you have in that little place called home.

Listening is an act of love. When you listen to people, you are communicating non-verbally that they are important to you.

When your prayers aren’t answered immediately, sometimes God has a different - or better - plan.

Spiritual joy is what you experience when you choose to give thanks to God no matter what happens - even when things go wrong.

The best way to encourage your children is to let them know you are praying for them.

True biblical love is a selfless commitment of one’s body, soul, and spirit to the betterment of the other person.

There is no sin that Jesus cannot forgive.

Serving others means being willing to make sacrifices for their good.

Jesus came to serve, and He wants you to follow His example.

God blesses you when you stand up for what you believe in despite opposition.

Obedience leads to a powerful, confident life.

God’s strength will come to you when you faithfully read His Word.

When you are obedient to God, He fills you with His Spirit and empowers you to do all He asks of you.

God’s various blessings are not always obvious.

God does not bless religious efforts - He blesses heart-felt obedience.

Consider every choice carefully, no matter how small, for it will affect the bigger decisions you make.

Tears are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of compassion.

God is faithful even when we are unfaithful.

A tearless heart is a callous heart.

Your willingness to serve God is as important as your service to God.

God rewards those who put Him first and seek to do His will.

As a Christian your future is secure.

You can always find hope in the truth that our God reigns & He will take care of His own.

Faith is not a one-time act. It’s a way of life.

God’s ways are not our ways. They are beyond our understanding.

God is in control of all events and is able to protect and provide for you His child.

God doesn’t promise us escape from suffering or pain. Rather, He promises to miraculously use even bad situations for your ultimate good.

To please God, live a godly life and nurture kindness, compassion, justice, and humility.

Even the most powerful enemies who threaten or oppress God’s children will one day fall.

You cannot escape God's call on your life. He will pursue you to the ends of the earth!

God is the leader of your team. As you follow Him with all your heart, you will be leading your team in Jesus’ steps.

God's love and mercy are for all people.

Only when your inner life is right will your outer life be right as well.

God is gracious to always give a warning before He sends judgment.

God loves His people despite their sins and faults.

God's greatest desire is for you to come to Him.

You can count on God’s faithfulness even when you are unfaithful.

Repentance is the first step on the path back to your relationship with God.

God honors you when you take a stand for what is right.

Integrity never goes out of style.

God has a plan for the future and, because He is sovereign, it will come to pass. You can count on it!

When you don’t understand what is happening, you need to wait, trust God, and rest in His care. He is always faithful to His own.

Everything God does - past, present, or future, whether in grace or in judgment - is to reveal His glory.

God sovereignly controls every detail of your life, which should be a great comfort to you.

Faithfulness to God requires your obedience, even when it’s difficult.

God is love - He is gracious and forgives.

An obedient child learns from the example of an obedient parent.

No matter what your situation, God is always ready to listen.

God is trustworthy - He always keeps His promises.

God’s approval should be your standard for success.

Restoration and hope is available each time you return to God.

Since God is with you and you are with God, you have nothing to fear!

The beauty of obedience is that what God expects you to do, He also enables you to do.

Your prayer life is the foundation of your relationship with Christ.

Evangelism is not a monologue, but a dialogue.

The Bible strongly encourages us to get involved in discipleship.

Why study the Bible? You must know truth in order to spot error

God’s Word is the only thing that can satisfy your spiritual thirst.

Put first things first and we get second things thrown in:
Put second things first and we lose both first things and second things.

It's not your schedule that keeps you from praying, it's your failure to realize the importance of prayer.

No matter how old you are or how long-or short!-you've been married, the day you accelerate your growth in the Lord is the day your marriage is positively impacted, improved, and strengthened!

Effective leaders allow God to shape them into the kind of people they need to be for each situation they encounter.

When you yield yourself in complete and wholehearted obedience to God, He can do great things through you.

Complacency happens almost without notice. Check and renew your heart daily.

The more you manifest a servant’s heart in all you do, the more of an impact you’ll have on people’s lives.

Examine your heart and put away any distraction so you can worship God freely.

Communication is not so much about what you say, as what you don't say.

Communication is not a one-way street.

God has given you two ears-that should tell you something about the importance of listening.

A good leader will seek the wisdom of others. After all, no man is an island!

After your friendship with God, your wife's friendship is the greatest treasure you possess.

Christlikeness means to live and act as Christ lived and acted.

In many ways spiritual exercise is like physical exercise. If you stop exercising physically, your body may not show the results of inactivity for a while. But one day you wake up and find everything is sagging in all the wrong places.

Our wives, our families, and our churches need godly men who have discernment-discernment to deal with life and life-issues on a spiritual level.

The amount of time we give to something indicates it's importance to us.

The heart is the place where our life gets its direction.

Having the right attitude is fundamental to being an effective leader.

Every major accomplishment in a man's life requires a major level of commitment.

A man after God's own heart is...
a man who yearns to please God,
a man who desires to grow spiritually,
a man who had a heart that obeys.

I know that when I read the Bible, my life is transformed. I think differently. I act differently. I talk differently.

Our physical body knows it cannot function without physical water. So, too, our spiritual life should realize that it can't function without the "living water" of Gods Word.

Thanks be to God that, even though at times we may “forget” Him, He never forgets us.

When it comes to the heart and soul, only the Bible can bring true and lasting changes.

If you want to see changes in the spiritual tone of your home and marriage, start with your own life.

Every good marriage must be a friendship between two people who are willing to sacrifice for the other person.

A husband and wife honor God when they love and honor each other.

God takes great joy in the passionate romantic love between a husband and wife.

Marriage is a team effort. Grow closer to each other as you grow closer to God.

As you can see marriage is about putting away selfishness and taking on the concept of teamwork.

Value your wife by valuing what she says.

God will bless you and your marriage when you follow His blueprint.

You can make your marriage a little bit of heaven on earth by following God's plan of teamwork.

The closer a husband is to God, the closer he will grow to his wife.

Just as water is the only thing that can relieve thirst in the desert, the provision of God's Word is the only thing that can satisfy our spiritual thirst.

Inner joy enables you to choose to look beyond your pain and make your praise a sacrifice to God.

Choose your friends carefully. They are a reflection of you.

Transitions themselves are not the issue, but how well you respond to their challenges!

The man and husband of the household is responsible for the way your family’s income is managed.

God is well able to turn your tragedies into triumphs.

God cares about those in need, and so should His people.

Leaders inspire the people around them to become better.

There is no substitute for your impassioned prayers on behalf of your children

It takes courage to speak up for your beliefs.

True joy comes from knowing Christ personally and from depending on His strength rather than your own.

Difficulty provides a platform for exposing Jesus to the world through your joy in the Lord.

View your body as something God has entrusted into your care.

Most of what you do to fulfill God’s purposes will require acts of faith.

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