John C. Maxwell Quotes

John C. Maxwell Quotes

Nothing's work unless you'd rather be doing something else.

Remember, man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up.

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up.

Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.

if you don't have peace, it isn't because someone took it from you; you gave it away. You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you.

Talent is a gift, but character is a choice.

Happiness simply cannot be relied upon as a measure of success.

Stay focus on what God has assigned me to do. Keep my mind on what I am doing/

Life is now in session. Are you present?

Success is...
knowing your purpose in life,
growing to reach your maximum potential, and
sowing seeds that benefit others.

The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

If you do the things you need to do when you need to do them, then someday you can do the things you want do when you want to do them.

Most people who decide to grow personally find their first mentors in the pages of books.

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