Johnny Rich Quotes

Johnny Rich Quotes

All life is preoccupied with death. Death is the only certain future. Yet in the face of reason, everyone holds out hope for the highly improbable.

Sometimes a butterfly flaps its wings and the weather turns out fine.

Grief denied will surface in borrowed clothes, the mad, sad clothes of paranoia, fear or loneliness

You inherit your environment just as much as your genes.

For someone to be perfect, they must be real, however imperfect they are.

You need to bridge the gap between reality and freedom. Drugs are the bridge.

It is a matter of mere coincidence that there is often a real individual who corresponds with a celebrity, signifies them.

Reality, it seems, is not a flat plane, but has as many veils as an onion has skins.

It would be both an identical work of art only by virtue of its difference. The same but different, he suggested, like twins.

Who can say they saw a whole play or read a whole book? Each has their own experience, their own play, their own book

The future is certain. It is just not known.

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