Perception Quotes

David Sedaris

Everyone looks retarded once you set your mind to it.

Ashly Lorenzana

All we know is what we're told.

Marty Rubin

Children, like God, see only our actions.. Marty Rubin
Children, like God, see only our actions.

John Lennon

The more I see, the less I know for sure.. John Lennon
The more I see, the less I know for sure.

Friedrich Nietzsche

The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments..
The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.

Toba Beta

There are many things which can not be expressed by words. There are many words which
There are many things which can not be expressed by words.
There are many words which can not be spelled by human tongue.
There are many tongues which utter one single truth.

Toba Beta

There are people who desperately want to change the world. I wonder if it could be
There are people who desperately want to change the world.
I wonder if it could be measured, because the world is already
in the state of continuously change since the beginning of time.
Or they may just want their names etched nicely on men history.

Henry David Thoreau

It is not all books that are as dull as their readers.. Henry David Thoreau
It is not all books that are as dull as their readers.

Dee Dee Artner

The potential of controlling and living a successful life according to your terms depends on how you think. Your perception is your world. You can create the life you want and in fact, you can even shape the way you want it.

Alan Sheinwald

Life is like butter - when things cool down it can be reshaped

Alan Sheinwald

The definition of a professional is one who does a job well even when they don't like it.

Ashly Lorenzana

Some people like living in black and white worlds. Let them stay there. Appreciate all the colors you see in your world though.

Jean-Yves Leloup

[C]hange your thinking, your interpretation of he world, change the way you see! To change the way you see is to change the world. (50)

Stan Brakhage

How many colors are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of "green"?

David Rains Wallace

Land and water are not really separate things, but they are separate words, and we perceive through words.

Neil Postman

A metaphor is not an ornament. It is an organ of perception. Through metaphors, we see the world as one thing or another.

Nirav Sanchaniya

I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.

Cristina Nehring

Love, far from being blind, is the very emotion that allows us to see.

Cristina Nehring

Too often, it is only love that makes us engaged enough, alert enough, alive enough to see

Toba Beta

Not because we think that it's still about to happen,
thus makes our future life as though yet to be exist.
Human mind can't yet perceive the nature of future.

Isabella Poretsis

All humans are alike and all humans are equal. It is just the perception of the eye that sees any different.

Vironika Tugaleva

Love is more abundant than we could possibly imagine. Just like there is more air than we could possibly breathe in, there is more love than we could possibly perceive.

Simon Blackburn

People who have cut their teeth on philosophical problems of rationality, knowledge, perception, free will and other minds are well placed to think better about problems of evidence, decision making, responsibility and ethics that life throws up.

Jean Hatzfeld

...and my eyes no longer gaze the same on the face of the world.

Vera Nazarian

Love - not dim and blind but so far-seeing that it can glimpse around corners, around bends and twists and illusion; instead of overlooking faults love sees through them to the secret inside.

Oprah Winfrey

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough

Irving Berlin

Life is 10 percent what you make it
and 90 percent how you take it.

Oscar Wilde

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Wayne W. Dyer

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Miyamoto Musashi

Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.

Robin S. Sharma

Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.

Pedro Calderón De La Barca

In this treacherous world
Nothing is the truth nor a lie.
Everything depends on the color
Of the crystal through which one sees it

William Blake

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite.

Amish Tripathi

There are many realities. There are many versions of what may appear
obvious. Whatever appears as the unshakeable truth, its exact opposite
may also be true in another context. After all, one's reality is but
perception, viewed through various prisms of context.

Zack W. Van

The truth is helpless when up against perception

Toba Beta

Some people say, ‘Do not judge the book by its cover!’ Well, I say not to judge at all. People can say anything they want to say, but for me, cover does matter.

Terry Goodkind

Perception was easily accomplished, required little effort, and it never had to stand the test of reality.

Tim LaHaye

We both know that, my friend, but a man's perception soon becomes his reality.

Melissa Bradley

Perception is the lie that we convince ourselves exists

Toba Beta

Smartass Disciple: But, you said that it's the truth??
Master of Stupidity: O Yes. That is yesterday's truth.

Lionel Suggs

Why does truth carry such a dreadful face? Why does subjugation carry such a happy mask? It becomes sad when people understand that they can lead a better life as long as they bow their heads, ignoring the truth.

Marcus Aurelius

Look beneath the surface; let not the several quality of a thing nor its worth escape thee.

Robertson Davies

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

Carroll Bryant

A sin is nothing more than regret. Not for doing it once, but doing it again when you know you’re going to regret it.

Eric Micha'el Leventhal

The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.

Shaky Kane

Don't be cool. Like everything.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel

all appears to change when we change

Eric Schmidt

A mind set in its ways is wasted. Don't do it.

Yvonne Pierre

It's not strength, it's PERCEPTION that makes you stronger. If you change how you SEE it, you'll change how you FEEL about it.

Seth D.

Be like the flower, content with its nature.

Pat R

We are all so happy. If we only could realize it.

Donald L. Hicks

A day is a day. It’s just a measurement of time. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day is up to you. It’s all a matter of perception.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Pain, unless it is physical, was sold to you (by your culture).

David Hume

Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.

Tessa Afshar

I mean that the reason God seems to act in ways that make no sense to us is that our perceptions are wrong. Our expectations are subtly twisted. We long for things that harm us and run from the things that grow and heal us. We think good is bad and bad is good. God acts rightly, but to us, it seems confusing. Or sometimes plain wrong.

Sai Nikhil Dinatkurthi

World with various situations has various relations,don't give conclusions with your perception.

Louise Glück

The master said You must write what you see.
But what I see does not move me.
The master answered Change what you see.

Yosa Buson

In pale moonlight / the wisteria's scent / comes from far away.

Timothy Findley

The spaces between the perceiver and the thing perceived can [...] be closed with a shout of recognition.

H.E. Davey

While we can learn or study techniques for almost anything we might want to accomplish, real understanding is not the mere accumulation of knowledge. Understanding cannot be realized by listening or reading about the realization of others. It must be achieved firsthand via substantive, direct perception in the moment.


Not to understand is profound; to understand is shallow. Not to understand is to be on the inside; to understand is to be on the outside.

Rhonda Riley

What do we know of our mothers? I thought I knew her. But I'd seen her as a child sees a good mother-pure, transparent, incapable of deception.

Michael Bassey Johnson

The deepness of your mind produces the thickness of your thoughts.

Aisha Mirza

Sometimes we must forge distance to gauge clarity in our vision and perception.

Chris Prentiss

Your perception of the world and the way you see yourself in it has created within your mind a concept, a philosophy, of the way you believe things to be.

Ava Bloomfield

Even the water, grey and listless as it tossed against the harbour wall, seemed fixed in time; as if peering hard enough into its depths would reveal the tips of Peter’s fingers, himself still swaying underwater, cradled in the sea’s mouth.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

People sometimes get so lost in their own beliefs that they fail to gain truth and understanding. You can't get the whole picture just by relying on your own perception. Never be afraid of the truth.

Chris Prentiss

By changing how you perceive things and how you act upon those perceptions, you will change your life.

Linda Deir

Stuff only allows you to rent temporary pleasure.

Beau Lotto

No one is an outside observer of nature,
We're defined by our environment and our interaction with that environment - by our ecology. And that ecology is necessarily relative, historical and empirical.

Hjalmar Söderberg

We know so little about one another. We embrace a shadow and love a dream.

Ashish Patel

Give today to get better tomorrow.

Bob Proctor

The Law Polarity decrease that everything has an opposite it's the flip side of the coin, you're right my left, consider this next time you disagree with someone because their right from their point of view.

Richelle E. Goodrich

I love you because you loved me first. Yet you love me, saying I loved you first. Funny, our love thrives believing the other person started it.

Toba Beta

Impossibility only lasts until you find new unbelievable hard evidences.

Richard Langton Gregory

..the senses do not give us a picture of the world directly; rather they provide evidence for checking hypotheses about what lies before us. Indeed we may say that a perceived object is a hypothesis, suggested and tested by sensory data.

Marty Rubin

The mystic sees God in everything; the scientist, atoms; the poet, poetry.

Edmund Spenser

Why then should witless man so much misweene
That nothing is but that which he hath seene?

Anthony Liccione

Though people are laughing at the dirt surrounding you, they are missing to see the seeds also planted, growing silently within.

Avis J. Williams

Let go of how you perceive others and how others perceive you.

Julie Connor

Our perceptions shape whether challenges are obstacles that block our path to success or important arrows that steer us in the direction we want to go.

Douglas Coupland

Is that all time is - our perception of how quickly it does or does not pass?

Idries Shah

All forms are limited. Some of the limitations are time, place, culture, language.

John Steinbeck

Eventlessness has no post to drape duration on.

Aldous Huxley

Visual impressions are greatly intensified and the eye recovers some of the perceptual innocence of childhood, when the sensum was not immediately and automatically subordinated to the concept. Interest in space is diminished and interest in time falls almost to zero.

Tim Fargo

The world we see is a painting colored by our fears and desires.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Anybody that fears and detests witchcraft is not happy with science and technology.

Mary E. DeMuth

Worry is a weighty monster with poisoned tentacles. It clutches at us, grabs at our minds, steals our breath, our will. It lurks. It pounces. It colors how we perceive the world.

Eric Micha'el Leventhal

Love is the perception of perfection beyond the protection of our projection.

Eric Micha'el Leventhal

To see through the illusion of duality, remember that fear and darkness have no substance in themselves, for they do not indicate the presence of a second universal force, but are only names given to the one Light unperceived.

Eric Micha'el Leventhal

The way to embody love completely is to see and appreciate life just as it is, and not as you believe, fear, or desire it to be.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

Irak.ibrahim Hussain Didi

there can be no failure to a human who has not lost his courage, unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, human does not lose his being in the society in which he lives

Nikolai Gogol

Always think of what is useful and not what is beautiful. Beauty will come of its own accord.

Marty Rubin

What would beauty be if the whole world were blind?

Ayn Rand

Andrei, did you like the opera?"
"Not particularly."
"Andrei, do you see what you're missing?"
"I don't think I do, Kira. It's all rather silly. And useless."
"Can't you enjoy things that are useless, merely because they are beautiful?"
"No. But I enjoyed it."
"The music?"
"No. The way you listened to it.

Karl Pearson

Order and reason, beauty and benevolence, are characteristics and conceptions which we find solely associated with the mind of man.


Eyes that are blind have no way to tell the loveliness of faces and features; eyes with no pupils have no way to tell the beauty of colored and embroidered silks.


We can't expect a blind man to appreciate beautiful patterns or a deaf man to listen to bells and drums. And blindness and deafness are not confined to the body alone - the understanding has them, too.

E.M. Forster

My father says that there is only one perfect view - the view of the sky straight over our heads, and that all these views on earth are but bungled copies of it.

Michael Bassey Johnson

You can capture me with your beauty, only if you are a brilliant photographer.. Michael Bassey
You can capture me with your beauty, only if you are a brilliant photographer.

Arthur Cayley

As for everything else, so for a mathematical theory: beauty can be perceived but not explained.

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