Julie Connor Quotes

Julie Connor Quotes

Let go of your past. Start making history!

Passion fuels dreams. Commitment fuels action. Get clear about what you want to do and why you want to do it. Take action.
Your time is now.

How can I use what most excites me to achieve what I most want to be, do, or experience?

Begin your new year by making a commitment to yourself. Rediscover your passion. What sets your heart on fire? And do something about it. Take action. Today. Now.

When you imagine and clearly articulate your goals in writing, you access the creative energy of your right brain. Imagination and creativity allow you to find solutions to problems that were not previously available to you and give your left brain an opportunity to be receptive to new ideas.

Go huge or why bother?

Frustration is an important directional arrow. It shows you where to go to move forward. And what to move away from.

Your life is enriched with meaning when allow yourself to become inspired, set goals, and charge after them with passion.

Our perceptions shape whether challenges are obstacles that block our path to success or important arrows that steer us in the direction we want to go.

When you dream, do not worry about how you must orchestrate events to ensure your success. Focus instead on why your dream is important to you. When you define your dream with razor-sharp clarity and articulate why you want to pursue it, answers about how to do it will begin to become clear.

Practical management of your time includes taking responsibility of your choices.

Be deliberate in your choices. We are created to do what we are called to do and what we are born to experience, not what we believe other people expect us to do. Your time is precious.

Your passion is your internal compass that will guide you from where you are towards where you want to go.

Do the next right thing and the next right step will reveal itself to you.

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