Junaid E Mustafa Quotes

Junaid E Mustafa Quotes

Academic degrees can never buy you decency and wisdom. Both are heavenly gifts.

Mist of the lust-for-life obnubilates the mirror, romance is reflected on.

Tears before God water dreams.

Leaders lead while others live life.

Respect your teachers. Staring the glaring costs vision.

A man is known by the company of the phone he keeps.

Power is different from glory for former, in the long run, leads to the latter.

Sufi’s soul seeking serenity succeeds at the cost of the body which gets spifflicated by the spines of the social world.

Mystics are no humans but a species different; they are always young and never do they die.

Present has always been in comparison with past.

Something, somewhere, somehow went wrong. Someone, somewhere, somehow will be cursing me. Sometimes curse cures.

Your lips are the best place in this world to place my lips on.

Tweeting lovebirds turn into roaring bears after marriage.

It is all about a prefix we burn the candle of life for.

It takes life to transform nightmares into dreams.

As dogs are to bark, some people are to mock.

There is always an Iago in every scene of life.

A hyphen can bring you from nowhere to now-here. That hyphen is will-power, in fact.

Leaders must have splendid flavour of pretending for contending situations.

Time imparts tougher skin to the weakest and toughest to the weaker.

Don't let the colons end in a full stop.

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