Karen Hawkins Quotes

Karen Hawkins Quotes

Tis a sad day when ye ha' t' pinch yerself t' see if ye're awake or in th' midst o' a night terror. 'Tis a really sad day when ye have t' pinch yerself twice."
Old woman Nora to her three wee granddaughters on a cold winter's night

Once ye made up yer mind to do somethin', 'tis better t'stumble o'er the small hillock of jump-ahead than t'bash yer head on the jagged rocks of did-nothing.

Old Woman Nora of Loch Lomand to her three wee granddaughtersone cold evening

Old Woman Nora of Loch Lomond
To her three wee Grandaughters one cold night.

No woman worth her salt would listen to a proposal without the word ‘love’ in it.

Men think they like to be challenged. The truth is, they only like to be challenged if they win.

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