Kenneth Eade Quotes

Kenneth Eade Quotes

The FDA and the EPA are supposed to be protecting us, not the people who make the poison.

Politicians were famous for double-speak and were consummate liars. That’s why George W. Bush had to be their favorite president. It’s easier to commit a fraud when the actor believes his lie to the point of a conviction

Their lips met with a tender and powerful force. At that point, they melted into each other and Seth felt a flush of sensations over his entire being. Hands wandered naturally, and each caress became more exciting and pleasurable. Where the body ended and the soul began was a mystery in this ancient game of combinations.

We are at war. War is not on battlefield. It is in boardrooms of companies that control your United States of America.

How could you have a war on terrorism when war is terrorism?

But, in making the sacrifices that the Government asks us to make, we are not protecting our freedom. We are giving away our freedom in exchange for a false sense of security.

Walking’s a great way to create. The ideas seem to fall from the sky sometimes, and the fresh air is great too.

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