Kiran Joshi Quotes

Kiran Joshi Quotes

Every dream, every hope, every ambition would have been true.... If only.... If only you were mine!

The time when you wish if death was possible from a heartbreak

If you are ready to feel the take the risk? You are ready for love

Its not the love that hurts but the scented memories of anticipated dreams of a future together

The unspoken feeling that engulfs you and smolders you more and more each!

His touch is more intoxicating than any kind and combination of alcohol...

sometimes being silent is the best way to appreciate the moment

With your absence I have realised that hoe the once, warm comforting streets have suddenly turned to become so cold and dark

The best relationship is one which challenges and supports you at the same time

Holding hands in love is underrated, while sex is overrated. Don't you think so?

No matter how bleak, there is still chance of love in hatred but none in indifference

The moment when you realise that your heart has reached him and can return no more

love has nothing to do with moving on. I still have you in my heart, mind and thoughts. The only difference is you are not in my arms

My heart! Ohhh my poor heart
Its bruised...its scarred and its full of pain.... But its still in love with you!

f you are ready to feel the take the risk? You are ready for love

Neither words can bring you back... I know now,as I have tried
Not the tears... I know now, as I have cried

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