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Kristian Golmund Aumann is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, director and actor - he lives and works in St. Andrä-Wördern nearby Vienna / Austria. He has been trained at the Lee Strasberg School followed by longer-term commitment, at the Vienna Burgtheater (Claus Peymann era) and at the Italian State Theatre. Kristian has had Theatre directing and major supporting roles in TV series and films. He has authored and published seven POETRY BOOKS in the United States, as well as numerous publications in importend international poetry anthologies and magazines. He currently works on the volumne of prose named "FROM RIGHT HERE TO OVER THERE" which will be published in fall 2014. The theatrical monologue "THE NIGHTMARE of the ARTIST" will be released in the German "Playwright Catalogue 2014" for State Theatre, in January 2014. The motion picture project "THE WHITE HOPE", a social critical comedy drama, is in the production phase. Sir KRISTIAN GOLDMUND AUMANN is a member of "IG authors Authors Austria".

Kristian Goldmund Aumann Quotes

Peace in the world must be chosen as the supreme principle of humanity.

In the sky, far above - Where my words - Written in the Clouds; I've borrowed from the sun, A gentle smile.

Sometimes, I try in the exercise of the rainbow and bring a little color in our world.

Close to your breath, I have embraced the world.

It is a downright brilliant art to be ,successful quiet, in a bright noisy world.

Time is a conscientious Debunker.

Moments are precious in life; they transform time into timeless dreams.

The time is the time; reasonable time,
I think, we have enough...Solely, the hand of the clock is annoying - because ,he, wipes the time ,too quickly, away from us.

In the world of lovers, there is no fear.

Beauty for a life long, it is an agony of torture.

Quiet Days, they look at you, and you will become one with the holy river - nature forms a symbiotic relationship - absolute infinity, truly found, in harmonious caressing arms.

What can we learn from nature? Just be patient.

Christmas; silence breathed childlike anticipation in your heart.

When my heart bleeds, it needs no stab with the dagger.

I think my thinking with my heart
I act with my thinking from my heart
but I'm just a human being with a heart and not a rational thinker

Praise from your heart caresses my soul.

In the end; your heart will be pure.

We live in the hearts of others, where no noisy words are throbbing at the entrance door.

God dwells only in the depths of your heart; he detested the superficial superficiality.

Are you willing to nourish your heart with love; then your selfishness will starve to death.

A white cloth falls on your heart; How beautiful you are - The winter loves us, because only lovers have a pure heart.

In the times of barbaric wars;
Love is the most beautiful sacrifice of the world.

War, money and greed that is the modern heinous Trinity, and they are inseparable these days.

If others are going to make war; we celebrate peace and love.

Wars; in the past and in the present, they were not a solution - A peaceful solution is the wisest solution in the sense of humanity.

Art is the refreshing source of existence.

Love teaches us peace, freedom and humanity.

I come in peace unto you; heroes do not need weapons.

True humanity knows no animosity.

Humanity will survive; if they will renew their thinking.

A dreamer is a gifted man ,who, plucks out his dreams of sparkling stars.

I had learned to dance in the rain;
and everything else was just a breeze.

A hymn for freedom;
without border barriers and barbed wire fences.
A hymn for freedom;
without astute words.
A hymn for freedom;
without wars of every man against every man.
A hymn to freedom;
at any time and any place,
because only freedom will set us free.

Remember the day when our heads,
immersed in freedom and love,
like colorful balloons -
upwards to the clouds, constant we floated.

Who is born in freedom will not surrender his freedom.

Only the inner voice gives us freedom.

Last goal in mind – where the fog silently out of a million nights – and focused light beams in our doing and being; there is the great freedom at the end of the tunnel.

Friendship scattered across the globe is an enriching exchange: A look outside the box to understand people and their different cultures.

Friends show their true colors in times of need; and not in times of happiness.

Your soul smiles; when your heart beats in harmony.

True love is a rising Star in the midst of gently accompanying Stars.

Only the balance of the scale, bedded love in the shells, teaches us to find the inner self.

Love is incomparable, love is unique - be a part of it.

Open your heart, love will find you. Open your eyes, you'll see love. Open your mouth and you'll speak full of love.
– Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

Under wandering stars, in the carousel of your dreams; there where the moon is listening in your life - and gentle face, mysterious Emeralds, shone into my heart.

A society with values, is a rich society.

An honorable man has a heart for the poor and vulnerable in our society.

I have written in my life many critical poems, but viewed in retrospect, they were merely a human harmless reflection, and not a true likeness of the real society of today.

Natural elegance inspires the mind.

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