Lauren Lola Quotes

Lauren Lola Quotes

Genres are what holds each story together and help it along, but in no way should it ever be treated as a boundary, especially for a reader. If I’ve only read science fiction books, I would probably consider myself mad.

It’s all short, sweet and simple, but it’s all a moment’s worth.

I'm not sure if there's truly a name for this kind of place aside from it being anything but remarkable.

I'm human. Isn't it obvious?

...sometimes when you are lost for direction, you are open to a new way of seeing.

Go forward in your beliefs and teachings, educate the open-minded and be humble to the ones who aren’t.

Reality is but several levels of consciousness that can be accepted or dismissed depending on what one perceives.

Risk the risks.

Be like the koru; as you go forward into the forever-changing future, always remain faithful to the point of origin.

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