Leta B. Quotes

Leta B. Quotes

Divine love is limitless and the source of miracles.

To be whole, we need to embrace both
intuition and logic.

If a path in your life leaves you in a place where you feel lost and alone, may you follow your heart and soul
until you feel at home.

May you let the authentic colors of your heart illuminate and may you feel the light within others.

The character of society coincides with how we treat our most vulnerable members of society.

Nature is a beautiful divine force of artistic expression infusing love into our souls.

Love is the true essence of Life.

As you step out of your comfort zone,
may life embrace you back.

Until we align our minds with our souls,
we will continue to grieve for our highest selves as individuals, a society, and as a world family.

Our real lasting legacies are the prints we leave on the soul of the world.

May you have the courage to choose love over hate.

It is a divine gift to find the light inside while in the midst of despair.

Every person has the choice to contribute to or drain from this world.

To every person who has never experienced genuine love and kindness, may you still have the strength to find the love and light that exists within your soul to give, thrive, and shine.

No one has the ability to define who you are unless you give permission.

May you transform your pain, anger, and hurt into wisdom, kindness, and love.

Today, is the beginning of your future
so be as creative as your heart desires in designing your life map.

Nature streamlines the soul connection
with the divine.

The soul is steady just waiting to be fed
and to blossom.

There is a vast existence beyond what our eyes can see, and if we close our minds we limit our possibilities.

Souls are unique divine signatures of pure love that existed before physical form, and will continue to exist after our physical containers are shed.

Intuition is the compass of the soul.

There are endearing people who come into our lives and leave a soul print.

The simple truth is that every human being should be born with basic human rights without suffering from discrimination.

Prejudice is poison in the veins of the world.

Children will often rise or fall according
to the expectations of loved ones in their lives.

If a rare golden heart is sacrificed in the process of trying to research or help many, then the world loses.

The threads of logic, intuition, and humanity should be beautifully interwoven through the fabric of our world.

Transform your anger into energy to effectuate positive change.

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