Lewis N. Roe Quotes

Lewis N. Roe Quotes

When looking for evidence that something exists, it's silly to start by assuming that it is impossible. Taking any assumptions into study is bad science.

One of the most important things I have found is that no one
school of thought has all of the answers. Sometimes history plugs a
gap that science can't fill. Often philosophy has answers that
science relies on for its discoveries. Theology needs the support of
all of these things for any of its claims to make sense.

Science and observation can only ever tell us the way that things are. They have no influence on the way that things should be.

Using the scientific knowledge that we currently possess, we can take simple logical steps, backed by the strongest evidence that we have, to come to the best and most reasonable conclusion that God is the cause of everything - all without ever taking even a single step of blind faith.

The scientific method gives us information by testing and repeating observable things so that we can find the rules for the way that the universe generally works. But if you were to try and use it to prove that Henry VIII had six wives, you would be powerless.

It's important to understand that if someone calls themselves a Christian, it does not automatically make everything they do an act of Christianity, even if they say it is.

As far back as history records people thinking, thinking people
have been befuddled by the mysteries of life and existence.

Desire, problem solving, and communication are all signs of intelligence and awareness. My cat has these, so it's quite possible he has a soul too.

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