Cats Quotes

George Carlin

Meow” means “woof” in cat.

Garrison Keillor

Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.

Charles Dickens

What greater gift than the love of a cat.. Charles Dickens
What greater gift than the love of a cat.

Orhan Pamuk

After all, a woman who doesn't love cats is never going to be make a man happy.

Robert A. Heinlein

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Terry Pratchett

If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's
If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's what people remember.

Kendare Blake

You fuck - you ate my cat!

Peter Kreeft

Cats don't need to be possessed; they're evil on their own.

Erin Hunter

She will not die today. I won't let her.

Laini Taylor

Yearning for love made her feel like a cat that was always twining around ankles, meowing Pet me, pet me, look at me, love me.

Neil Gaiman

Name the different kinds of people,’ said Miss Lupescu. ‘Now.’

Bod thought for a moment. ‘The living,’ he said. ‘Er. The dead.’ He stopped. Then, ‘... Cats?’ he offered, uncertainly.

Ally Carter

'Tell Suzie she's a lucky cat.' Have sexier words ever been spoken?

Abraham Lincoln

No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.

Robert Byrne

To err is human, to purr is feline.

Albert Schweitzer

The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats...

Terry Pratchett

I meant," said Ipslore bitterly, "what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
Death thought about it.
CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE.

Neil Gaiman

Now you people have names. That's because you don't know who you are. We know who we are, so we don't need names.

Henry David Thoreau

What sort of philosophers are we, who know absolutely nothing of the origin and destiny of cats?

Eckhart Tolle

I have lived with several Zen masters - all of them cats.

Hippolyte Taine

I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.

Guillaume Apollinaire

Le Chat

Je souhaite dans ma maison:
Une femme ayant sa raison.
Un chat passant parmi les livres.
Des amis en toute saison
Sans lesquels je ne peux pas vivre.

Richelle Mead

Aubrey, crouching on a nearby counter, watched me with squinty eyes, apparently pondering why anyone would willingly immerse themselves in water ever, let alone for extended periods of time.

Erin Hunter

I wonder if he'll ever see the truth in my own heart: that, whatever Dustpelt says, however much Fireheart breaks the warrior code, I love him more that I could imagine loving any other cat. And if Fireheart knew, would he love me, too?
- Sandstorm

Gordon Korman

Nellie grinned. "I always wanted to go to Venice. It's supposed to be the romance capital of the world."
"Sweet," put in Dan. "Too bad your date is an Egyptian Mau on a hunger strike."
The au pair sighed. "Better than an eleven-year-old with a big mouth.

Rachel Gibson

It's white."
It's so girly."
This from a guy who named his poodle Princess."
his laughter died. "How do you know about Princess?"
Your sister told me.

Terry Pratchett


Terry Pratchett


Kelli Jae Baeli

One of my biggest fears is that I'm going to die alone in my home, and my cats will eat me because I am too dead to open their food cans.

Roger A. Caras

In Egypt: Under no conditions, under threat of death could anyone kill a cat. People were exceuted for even killing a cat accidentally. And when a cat died, the whole family, and probably their closest friends, went into mourning, the measure of their personal loss signalled by their shaving off their eyebrows.

Christopher Hitchens

Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.

Lilian Jackson Braun

Dogs have their day but cats have 365.

Connie Willis

Come here, cat. You wouldn’t want to destroy the space-time continuum, would you? Meow. Meow.

Adam Rex

Then it suddenly and theatrically began to clean itself in the way cats do when they want you to know what a big deal you aren't.

Charles Bukowski

when I am feeling
all i have to do is
watch my cats
and my

Amy Lowell

A black cat among roses,
phlox, lilac-misted under a quarter moon,
the sweet smells of heliotrope and night-scented stock. The garden is very still.
It is dazed with moonlight,
contented with perfume...

Haruki Murakami

You know what I should do?" Hoshino asked excited. "Of course," the cat said. "What'd I tell you? Cats know everything. Not like dogs.

Maryam Faresh

You can't be sad when Daisy is around, she won't let you.

Jon Edgell

Time becomes meaningless without memory.

Robertson Davies

Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons.

Greg Curtis

My cats inspire me daily. They inspire me to get a dog!

Terry Pratchett

Когато Природата зове, тя крещи.

Robert J. Morrissette

And I thought kitty liter was the unlawful practice of discarding small felines along the roadside.

Scott Lynch

Caldris led them over to a large covered basket that sat on the stones near the docked dinghy. He undid the cover, reached in and removed a live kitten. "- Hello, you monstrous little necessity". "- Mrrrrwwwwww", said the monstrous little necessity.


Time spent with a cat is never wasted.

Jon Edgell

[Cats] are blissfully unaware that they have only a finite time in which to finish their ‘to do’ list.

Julio Cortázar

I sometimes longed for someone who, like me, had not adjusted perfectly with his age, and such a person was hard to find; but I soon discovered cats, in which I could imagine a condition like mine, and books, where I found it quite often.

Lucy Mangan

When I later discovered that she (illustrator Faith Jaques) was a compulsive reader who loved to be alone and kept cats because they are the only pets that allow you to be both, my adoration of Jaques and her work could only increase.

Katherine Rundell

He was thirty-six years old, and six foot three. He spoke English to people and French to cats, and Latin to the birds. He had once nearly killed himself trying to read and ride a horse at the same time.

Wendy Beck

The cat is beauty and the beast, a baffling blend, a wicked feast.
For all who dream of varied light, the cat holds both the dark and bright.

Richard Mabey

Their [cats] effortless passing between the wild and domestic worlds suggests the kind of grace we need as a species to move between nature and culture.

F.T. McKinstry

Love is whole. Love cannot be divided from itself. Love knows all paths, where even gods and cats are blind.

Ursula K. Le Guin

Oh, Hank," Susan whispered, "their wings are furry."

"Oh, James," Harriet whispered, "their hands are kind.

Zechariah Barrett

Puss hopped down from the couch and rummaged in Mark’s closet until he found a black leather belt. This he looped along his shoulder, around his waist, and then clasped together. “I’m off to make war, so that you may have love.

H.G. Wells

He has made the cat his own. He invented a cat style, a cat society, a whole cat world. English cats that do not look and live like Louis Wain cats are ashamed of themselves.

Eugen Weber

If cats could write history, their history would be mostly about cats.

Tiziano Scarpa

Life is a cat asleep on the window sill suddenly waking as it falls from the third floor.

Jean Lowe Carlson

AC/DC is very easy to miao along to!

Dan Harmon

My cat brought me a toy. I thanked her and threw it. She sat there gave me a look that made me realize people and dogs are the crazy ones.

Mason Cooley

A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.

William S. Burroughs

You know a real friend?
Someone you know will look after your cat after you are gone.

C.S. Lewis

Once when I had remarked on the affection quite often found between cat and dog, my friend replied, "Yes. But I bet no dog would ever confess it to the other dogs.

Thekla Clark

John and I noticed that whenever we talked about our children Wystan reached for his cats.

Oliver Gaspirtz

Dogs are like kids. Cats are like roommates.

Michelle Tea

Sophie knew about power animals,everyone did...Sophie thought she might be a cat, she liked cats a lot.

Lewis N. Roe

Desire, problem solving, and communication are all signs of intelligence and awareness. My cat has these, so it's quite possible he has a soul too.

Walter Savage Landor

Cats, like men, are flatterers.

Anne Brontë

It is natural for our unamiable sex to dislike the creatures, for you ladies lavish so many caresses upon them.

Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Looking back, retrospectively on the events of that evening, I can see the irony - the shrink whose cat ate his own tail. At the time of the incident, however, humor was not in my emotional repertoire; it was the furthest thing from my mind.

William S. Burroughs

We are the cats inside. We are the cats who cannot walk alone, and for us there is only one place.

Ray Bradbury

That's the great secret of creativity. You treat ideas like cats: you make them follow you.

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