Lisa Bedrick Quotes

Lisa Bedrick Quotes

Why would anyone pay for writing anymore when there's Facebook and why would anyone pay for music anymore when there's YouTube.

Always re-invent yourself. Always try new things; new food, new hobbies, meet new people. That will keep your life from becoming stagnant and boring. And you will have a lot more fun!

In relationships, when a person gets angry, it is really just hurt in disguise.  So men, consider this the next time the woman you are with gets angry with you.  She is most likely just hurt and needs you to hold her and reassure her. 

Pretty much every day consists of me trying to save the world.

To all you parents out there, don't make your little girls, or little boys, so thirsty for love that they will want to drink water that will poison them.

A key to life is knowing what to ignore and when to shut up. :)

Become what you would want to marry ,as in, become like the person that you would want to marry.

As Christians, we call ourselves people of faith, but how much practical faith do we really have?

Prayer can be a tricky thing, because there are passages that say do not doubt and believe you have received whatever you ask for and you will, but then Jesus prayed 'Not my will by thy will be done.'  Ultimately, we can't tell God what to do.  He will accomplish, in our lives, whatever He wants to accomplish.  God is God and we are not. 

Be careful what you wish for or pray for, because whatever you wish for or pray for, you will have to take care of.

You can have all the money in the world, one of the biggest mansions ever built, be one of the most famous people in the world, and still be as unhappy as Mariah Carey was. Money and fame don't make people happy. Only God does. Amen.

Stop worrying. There is no point to worrying, unless you are actually coming up with a game plan to tackle something. If you are worrying for no reason, stop. Let go and let God. Don't try to control things that you really aren't able to control anyways.

•Don't do yoga to get peace. It is possibly occultic. It seems innocent, but it can open a door to Satan in your life. I know this from personal experience. Seek God for peace, not things of this world.

Paul says that our troubles are “light.” Granted I may not see them as light in the midst of trauma, but looking back on them, they may seem light. He also says they are “momentary.” They only last for a short time.

When someone close to you dies, you feel like you might die too. It takes some of the life out of you for a time.

I have prayed many times that God would give me wisdom and I concur with Solomon here when he says that with "much wisdom there is much grief." The more you know, the harder life is. The more pain and suffering you see, the more you come to realize that "it is a grievous task which God has given to the sons of men.

Joy, I think, is the main fruit of the Spirit missing among Christians, and peace and self-control are the main fruits or qualities that seem to be missing among those who are not Christian.

I know the moment you died,
Jesus' face was smiling on you,
Welcoming you into His glorious city of gold.
I know you are enjoying the incredible light and peace of His presence right now

My grandma loved to be on stage entertaining people.  She loves to make people smile and laugh.  She loves to brighten other people's day.  She often calls perfect strangers her angel, as a way of witnessing, but also to encourage and build their self-esteem.

Stop caring what people think about you. People will always have their opinions. Don't worry about it. What you think about you (and what God thinks about you) is all that matters. You can never please everyone, so stop trying so hard to please people.

Doctors; all they do is make you worse and take all your money. That's a general statement.

Money almost always ends up disappointing.
Buying things to give lasing satisfaction is an illusion. Money can't buy happiness. The people with the most money are often times the MOST miserable people.

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