Lori Lansens Quotes

Lori Lansens Quotes

Write,' she said, 'as if you'll never be read. That way you'll be sure to tell the truth.

If heaven is tolerant and writers are allowed (bunch of liars though they are), I wonder if they gather for coffee to ponder the prose they should have written instead.

When you get older you think of sadness in a different way. You don't judge it so harshly.

I wondered who would teach me, or if a boy could learn on his won, what it means to be a man.

There will be sway.

My father used to say there are two kinds of people. The notices and the noticed.

Resilience, thy name is Devine.

The beach was empty and dark but she couldn't hear her fear over the call of the surf.

I was three inches taller but he could smell my fear.

Art isn't a product. It's an experience

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