M.K. Bhutta Quotes

M.K. Bhutta Quotes

If a black black cat crosses your path, it suggests that the animal is going somewhere.

If you think learning is costly, try ignorance.” Says Bhutta
“Now the school is Net, and college is Web”. Says Bhutta

Good fortune comes with many fears. It is always threatened by tragedies. But misfortune always tends to hope and peace. Hope is the heart of life. Flowers have fear of being withered while Thorns have not fear of being withered.

First wrong by brow-beater abuses the body of law. And the revenge of brow-beaten announces that there is no law in state. Says Bhutta

DNA, DNA, DNA. You never ever deny it, fool. I thought he is my cold enemy. When he died, he became my father. Says Bhutta (Biography)

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