Manoj Vaz Quotes

Manoj Vaz Quotes

Everybody learns from their own mistakes.
The wise learn from mistakes others make.

There is no truth.
There is only perception
and perception is reality!

Fiction has to be well researched, properly conceived and logically presented.
Reality needs none of the above.

To avoid stabs on the back
you have to look behind
while moving forward.
I'd rather have knives in my back
than fall into a manhole!

We do not fear death.
We fear not having lived enough.

A thinking man can never be brave.

If everybody agrees with your point of view, you haven't thought hard enough.

Strong women are like laptops.
There are highly functional, indoor and outdoor.
But you have to keep them charged with love!

Women don't want their men to bring them the moon and the stars,
they only want them to want to do it.

Till such time that there are strong men in this world, a woman would prefer strong coffee!

Humans hunt and kill maneaters.
What if animals hunted animal eaters?!

Fantasies are the escape that every prisoner of the soul indulges in.

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