Matthew Donnelly Quotes

Matthew Donnelly Quotes

When you read a book put all of your effort into staying present and focus your energy towards the comprehension of each and every word and how you can apply it into your daily life.

Vision is the #1 key to adventure.

Fate can not be proven or disproven so act knowing that destiny is a product of your every thought and every action.

The best way to be unique and set ourselves apart from Society is to create. Use your imagination and apply action towards it.

Creativity is applied Imagination

With newborns becomes new imagination into new wisdom and knowledge.

Education in the form of knowledge and wisdom are only as powerful as how we use them in our daily lives.

Your Dream does not expire unless you do!

Intuition is a feeling and we must let it overtake our thoughts.

The greatest way to overcome resentment of past is by gratitude of present. What you have, your friends your family, the things that you have overcome but most importantly what you plan to do now. Self Actualization states that we can have what ever we want in the future by acting as if we already have it now.

In order to fight off fear we must become it. When we become one with fear we become one with opposite of fear, peace. They are two halves to the same object.

The hardest thing to do in the world is overcome the mind but it just so happens that it's also the most rewarding.

If the people you talk to on a daily basis are not the ones living your life dealing with your daily obstacles, are not uplifting for your well being then why should you buy into their opinion?

Creativity is more important than imagination because it requires action.

The thing about science is that it proves a lot of it's findings wrong as time continues to pass.

If you have trouble getting motivated always remember that time is going to pass either way and that eventually regret is going to make its way around.

The day I started fearing regret is the day I decided to never stop.

Love is the purest form of a soul at peace.

The higher consciousness feel the most pain because they search for the darkness in order to bring it to the light and thus feel the most pleasure.

The ability to continue moving when you are feeling scared, fearful or lazy is the sign of true mental strength.

I can't comprehend infinity and yet I still don't except finity.

Be impatient enough to start going after your dreams now but patient enough to watch them manifest.

People are afraid of change. Change is inevitable to life. Change actually has the mask of pushing us out of comfort zone. Every time we learn, go through life experiences our perception/Emotional chemistry is changing. Embrace change because we are becoming a more polished version of ourselves.

There are two key areas that boil down life. Our relationships with people and the relationships with ourselves.

In order to have different things we must become someone different.

Compared to Eternity, The seconds of "Now" are more valuable than all the money and valuables in the world combined.

If we don't currently have what we so desire, then we must become a different person. Beliefs and thought patterns is the road to victory.

We can't fully encompass our motivational and inspirational awareness without fully understanding our purpose in life.

True peace is when you can be happy in the midst of chaos.

The most inspirational feeling I can come up with is.......The feeling of presence.

If you love everyone and everything sincerely then you are truly at peace.

True Happiness is a state of the mind. Things that we acquire can make us momentarily happy but will not give us true freedom from our unhappiness.

I recognize the power of silence in an extroverted world but there is a time for silence and a time to speak up about things that matter that continue to be left unsaid.

Love, Imagination and Intuition are the most powerful forces on the planet earth.

If you are expressing gratitude then you are in the present moment. If you are in the present moment then you are expressing gratitude.

When people ask me how I am I tell them......"I'm present

If you don't think the wheel should be reinvented then you are suffering from the lack of creative imagination.

Situations and Circumstances do not make us unless we let them. Our thoughts and feelings are the music of our soul.

Ego is this this higher conscious concept that we have of ourselves and we feel that we must live by it with a closed mind. We can be Self Aware of this concept or purely just blinded. I think the answer to this problem is being Self Aware and changing our current perception for the better.

When learning use the present moment to FOCUS on comprehension bringing the information into the flesh.

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