Mignon McLaughlin Quotes

Mignon McLaughlin Quotes

There's only one person who needs a glass of water oftener than a small child tucked in for the night, and that's a writer sitting down to write.

An old racetrack joke reminds you that your program contains all the winners' names. I stare at my typewriter keys with the same thought.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times - always with the same person.

Family quarrels have a total bitterness unmatched by others. Yet it sometimes happens that they also have a kind of tang, a pleasantness beneath the unpleasantness, based on the tacit understanding that this is not for keeps; that any limb you climb out on will still be there later for you to climb back.

What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.

It’s easy enough to get along with a loved and loving child - at least till you try to get him to do something.

Children lack morality, but they also lack fake morality.

Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway.

The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next.

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