Mitch Rowland Quotes

Mitch Rowland Quotes

History tends to play games with the truth, but at least it does so with a flourish.

After you’ve found love, and you look back on the path you took to reach it, it all seems a bit silly. We spend so much time fearing rejection, when what we really should fear is not trying at all.

No one is ever beyond redemption, if they choose to walk that path.

Sometimes even the smallest of efforts can change someone’s fate entirely.

War is not one-sided. It takes two blades to clash. It matters little who comes out on top, there is still a dead man at the end.

We are all entitled to make mistakes, but what separates a hero from a villain is how we learn from those mistakes. A villain will see his past as a weakness to be erased. A hero will see his past as experience, to be acknowledged and incorporated into the present.

The only reason nice guys finish last is because they think they’ll finish last. You don’t win the race by walking around the starting line saying ‘I’m not going to win this race’.

The future is shaped by young people foolish enough to believe they can topple a mountain. And yet, when we stand among the rubble, we wonder why no one tried sooner.

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