Miya Yamanouchi Quotes

Miya Yamanouchi Quotes

Be thankful to those who refuse to help you, for they force you to summon upon your warrior within.

Resistance, in the form of opposition or lack of support from others is often a sign telling you to move forward and on to bigger and better things.

We can all make a difference in the lives of others in need, because it is the most simple of gestures that make the most significant of differences.

Creativity channels your energy into a powerful source which allows you to perform amazing tasks and achieve great things.

Boredom is your soul's way of telling you to step up and do what you were born to.

Don't ever let others impose their self-limiting beliefs on to you. They don't have the courage and spirit that you do.

Don't use your past history as an excuse to be miserable. Use your past as a testament to show the world just how far you have come.

Be as loving, gentle and tender with yourself, as you are with your children or your beloved.

Practise really seeing yourself in the mirror. This is NOT about examining yourself. This is about you looking beyond your external image to connect with your soul. Look upon yourself with complete appreciation and acceptance. You are so beautiful.

Your past history is NOT an excuse.

Our personal history does not inhibit our present or our future. Don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you you can't do something. Find your passion and take action everyday to work towards achieving your life purpose.

There is nothing shameful about loving yourself. The shame is in NOT loving the unique and brilliant individual that you are.

You are your own soul mate, so love and treat yourself in the same way you would your life partner.

Make a vow to yourself today that from now on you will treat yourself with the same love, attention, affection, understanding, compassion and forgiveness that you so readily give to others.

Make a promise to yourself right now, that you will choose your thoughts and words wisely, that you will no longer use disempowered language about yourself, and nor will you ever negatively define yourself by what has occurred in your past.

My Dear Friend,
Don't ever allow yourself to forget how incredibly special you are, even for a single second. Without you, the world would not be as magnificent. Let yourself remember to love again, starting with you loving you.

You don't need to be primary caregiver of your children to be of primary influence in their lives. What you do for them behind the scenes in your own unique way is what makes the true difference in the long run.

I define me. You don't.

When you notice yourself desperately trying to think of an excuse to avoid a new experience out of FEAR, ANXIETY or INSECURITY, make the decision to say: "sure, I'll do it" , and see how your life improves.

Dear Men Everywhere,
Please don't think that being a feminist means we hate you or don't need you. -We absolutely love you and couldn't live without you! ...We are just on a mission to be treated equally and with respect. No hard feelings.
With love, Feminists of the World xoxoox
P.S. Yes we do shave our legs!

Exactly what are you wanting to teach your children? -How to love and care for themselves, or how to neglect and abandon themselves? Self-sarifice is NOT setting a good example.

The saying 'flattery gets you everywhere' appalls me. If you're going to pay someone a compliment make sure it's 100% genuine or not at all.-Flattery is deception and who wants to be lied to?

Remember that this is YOUR LIFE, and nothing is more important than YOU.

Sexual role-play is the enactment of a highly imaginative and erotic psychodrama where the individual is given creative license to express the polar opposite qualities of their multifaceted personality; bringing a profound sense of psychological release and rejuvenation to those involved.

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