Nadia Scrieva Quotes

Nadia Scrieva Quotes

Don’t you dare come into my world and tell me what color the ocean is! It’s black. Black as midnight. Black and awful!

Love does not have gender. Love is not exclusive! Our hearts have the capacity to love so many people. The only tragedy is when fear, cultural barriers, ridiculous misunderstandings, or arbitrary numbers prevent us from experiencing the joy we could have.

Diplomacy never works.

The heart knows the immensity it wants to achieve, but it is limited.

Victory is always bittersweet.

He remembered the gracefulness with which she moved in battle - like liquid flesh. There was no one quite like his wife, and he never felt more triumphant and free than when he was in her company.

Each meeting occurs at the precise moment for which it was meant. Usually, when it will have the greatest impact on our lives.

I can never gain something without losing everything I had before.

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