Nancy B. Brewer Quotes

Nancy B. Brewer Quotes

Humans will never be in charge of this world, as long as dust and weeds do as they please.

{Summertime she speaks of winter, she eats ham, but speaks of beef, got a good man but, flirts with another. She might as well go to hell, cause she ain't gonna be happy in heaven either!}

She turned her painted blue eyes toward the assistant and said something in French before she left.

I am reminded that the children we birth do not belong to us. They belong to God. We are simply the vessel through which they arrive on this earth. We are appointed to care for and guide them; however, we must recognize when the time comes for them to govern their own lives.

He was wearing a little bag of “Mojo” around his neck.

I believe that all things happen under the watchful eye of God and the lessons we learn along the way only serve to make us stronger.

The wind blowing through the cracks in the walls was fitting for this isolated and lonely place.

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