Nelson Algren Quotes

Nelson Algren Quotes

You don't write a novel out of sheer pity any more than you blow a safe out of a vague longing to be rich. A certain ruthlessness and a sense of alienation from society is as essential to creative writing as it is to armed robbery.

A book, a true book, is the writer's confessional. For, whether he would have it so or not, he is betrayed, directly or indirectly, by his characters, into presenting publicly his innermost feelings.

To literary critics a book is assumed to be guilty until it proves itself innocent.

It's the place built out of Man's ceaseless failure to overcome himself. Out of Man's endless war against himself we build our successes as well as our failures. Making it the city of all cities most like Man himself - loneliest creation of all this very old poor earth.

Never sleep with someone whose troubles are worse than your own.

... Chicago divided your heart. Leaving you loving the joint for keeps. Yet knowing it never can love you.

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