Nike Thaddeus Quotes

Nike Thaddeus Quotes

We don't live through life only by our own experiences, we live through life with other people's experience as a reference too.

Experience is not necessarily accumulated over the extent of time lived. In my opinion, it is accumulated over the degree and variety of activities a person has been involved in

For what it's worth, I think perfect love stories have perfect disasters hidden somewhere. If a genuine relationship comes out of two people screwing before they saw the potential of the 'relationship'? Its perfect, beautiful, a work of art in fact.. Normal is overrated.

Miracles have a higher percentage of being permanent than magical solutions.

Perfection isn't necessarily found only in publicly accepted trends. Perfection is found in self.

Allow yourself to see the good in people. Not every sinister face harbors a wicked heart.

Every kind of relationship needs encouragement from both parties. Be it marriage, dating, friendship, enmity etc.

Do the little things. In the future when you look back, they'd have made the greatest change.

Open you eyes to the world around you.. Block out the screams of pessimism.. Release your inhibitions!

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