Noel DeJesus Quotes

Noel DeJesus Quotes

Thoughts are free, talk is cheap, and action is expensive. What's your worth?

Leaders exude courage by sacrificing their popularity for their values and beliefs.

There is no tomorrow and there was no yesterday; if you truly want to accomplish your goals you must engulf yourself in today.

Your men will not take the hill if you're simply yelling commands from the safety of the rear.

Today I will work when others procrastinate, I will confront my fears when others hide from theirs, and I will create solutions when others find excuses; today I refuse to allow my enemies to out work me.

Success is mesmerizing, and blinding. Sometimes you need good old fashion failure to open your eyes.

At the end of the day let their be no regrets, only a desire to do more tomorrow than you did today.

At the end of the day let there be no regrets, only a desire to do more tomorrow than you did today.

I keep a vivid memory of failure in my back pocket, so no matter how much I accomplish I stay grounded.

Relax your fears, let your ambition take the wheel for a while; it'll take you somewhere exciting that you've never been.

Those who envy the success of others are normally ignorant to the sacrafices, failures, and dedication that it took for them to get there

You want to know the great thing about today, it doesn't care about what you did or didn't do yesterday or what you're going to do tomorrow, it only cares about what you do right now.

If you scared, say you scared, and if not then push yourself off of that wall and step into the darkness. That's where success is, get up out of that comfort zone, you'll be surprised what you can achieve!

Today you are no longer a victor nor victim of the past and future, today is completely independent, there are no restrictions; except for the ones you place upon yourself.

Resist the short term temptation of procrastination; the immediate pleasure and relief that it brings does not fair in comparison to the long lasting damage it does to your dreams and goals.

Never allow doubt to roam unimpeded within you. When it arises acknowledge it immediately, and then exterminate it with extreme prejudice.

Everything depreciates, except time.

Procrastination and fear are the enemies of success; the war is lifelong, but the battles are daily.

We all have goals and dreams. Say them aloud to yourself; if they don’t sound slightly impossible then they aren’t set high enough.

Time, energy, and focus; these are the resources at your disposal each and every day.

Failure is the ultimate motivator, the supreme teacher, and the definitive guarantee of life. Failure is what makes success so addictive.

The successes and failures of yesterday are gone, today is a new day.

Stress builds character and failure breeds motivation. I guess I'm a Optimist.

There is no blueprint to leadership, quite the conundrum in a business world where standardization is celebrated.

Today my goal is to be more productive than I was yesterday, and tomorrow more productive than today.

You will fail, and when you do it's imperative that you not hope for things to get easier, but instead harness a desire for you to be better.

Your mind is the vehicle to success, fuel it with fresh motivation daily to optimize your drive.

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