Nomthandazo Tsembeni Quotes

Nomthandazo Tsembeni Quotes

Like rain drops dripping on the floor like a thousand drumists beating those drums repeatedly,
My blood runs through my veins ninety nine point nine metres per second when i think of you.

Never waste time holding grudges for people who have wronged you.
Time waits for no one.
Apologise when you are wrong,
Express your love when you should,
Forgive the ones who wronged you,
And appreciate the one who makes efforts to see you smile.

Fear is an abortion of good thoughts

My child has to be an artist,
because conceiving her will be the best art
my body has ever accommodated.

The sad truth is,
we are all grown ups and most of us are
However, not all of us are old enough to
accept that loving someone doesn't
guarantee you that they will love you in

You can steal someone's Art,
But not their Heart.
You can immitate them,
But you can never be like them.
You can hurt them,
But you cannot kill their will to love again.
You can leave,
But your space will always be filled by someone better than you.

Giving up doesn't make you a quiter, a loser or a failure.
It makes you wise enough to stop holding on to what refuses to be held.
Hence i say, letting go hurts,
but holding on to what is no longer there
hurts even more.

I am not perfect,
my roots are not watered with perfection.

There's a reason why your toes are forward and your heels backward.
It means, step on your past with your heels and approach your furute with your toes.

You cannot be a priority to someone who never prioritise the most significant things in their lives.

Guilt and Regret always pulls one down.
They have an impact like that of gravity.
They heavy you like few tons of concrete,
Instead of growing, moving on and learning from your mistakes,
You will wine and dine with Would Have's and Could Have's.

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