Oche Otorkpa Quotes

Oche Otorkpa Quotes

As the world confronts the challenges of globalisation, the
entertainment Industry and a web saturated with explicit sexual
content, is increasingly making it difficult for young people to make
informed decisions about sex

Lies Have expiry dates but the truth never expires

So many interests compete for our young people, from drug barons
to sex traffickers who are constantly looking for ways to revive their ageing workforce

Globally, millions of married men and women engage the services
of sex workers each year. Despite growing health concerns about
the increased risk of STDs and HIV AIDS this trade continues to
blossom, leading to the premature termination of several lives and
the dissolution of several marriages.

If young people are our greatest asset in a war that must be won then we
must be willing to extricate them at whatever cost from the clutches
of those who seek to exploit their weaknesses

I am constantly reminded that we are a products of the choices we make

One way to be sure you are not making the wrong decision, is to look
vertically upwards

The stigmatization and the excruciating pains of social alienation
have compelled most victims to conceal their status while the
malevolent ones continue to distribute the virus free of charge to
unsuspecting men and women

The sudden surge of hormones at teenage age will continue to play an important part in the life of young people

Increasingly, the girl child is becoming an endangered specie as
pedophiles’ continue to roam free in our societies terrorizing
the lives of our children and stripping them of all the joy and
excitement that comes with childhood.

HIV is free, why pay for it

Raped at age nine by a relative and pregnant at 14 Oprah Winfrey,
like many others have experienced the wickedness and brutality of
our society. Sadly, it’s an environment where blood lines no longer

From New Delhi to New York, from Durban to Rio; women and
girls are been hunted down by rapists, abused by pedophiles and
emotionally decapitated by a society that is becoming increasingly
hostile to the womenfolk

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