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  • Mercy Thompson Series
  • Alpha and Omega Series
  • Raven Duology

Hurog Duology:

  • The Hob

Sianim Series

Patricia Briggs Quotes

I don't like it when I outweigh my men.

Women are sneaky.

He didn't say anything more, just waited for me to tell him what I'd been thinking. It was pure speculation, and I was opening myself up to ridicule by saying anything at all. I sat on the stool and realized that I had my loyalties, too.

My father always said that too many words cheapened the value of a man's speech.

This world has need of song and sword.

If she know how strongly he felt, she'd have run out the door. He wasn't used to the possessive, or the savage joy she brought to his heart. It ate at his control, so he turned his attention to the music. He understood music.

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