Polly Horvath Quotes

Polly Horvath Quotes

And then she poked him again. Not because he wasn't paying attention but because when she did it the first time she found she liked it. Mrs. Bunny might think she was getting away with this, but Mr. Bunny was silently counting the pokes to pay her back later.

I want someone who puts the whole ball of wax at risk. I want the kind of marriage where we would follow each other out into the stormy fatal sea or I'm not marrying at all.

At heart, we're all violent raging wolves, but in our actions we can be pacifists.

You can be sunk low or as a skunk and still have a joy in your heart. Joy lives like one of those spinning things-a gyroscope in your heart. It doesn't seem to have any connection to circumstance, good or bad.

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