Rachilde Quotes

Rachilde Quotes

A caprice is handled like a stew, and the pepper is added at the last minute.

An error of the passions is not the flowering of a great love, and merely the beauty of the human form is not capable of inspiring an eternity of mad attachment.

Ah! A man who doesn't know how to watch love is so silly. You really need a lesson.

I have never been loved enough to gain the desire of reproducing a being in the image of my lover and I have never been given enough pleasure so that my brain has not had the leisure to seek better...I have wanted the impossible...

No, no, don't let my vulnerable heart share in this sacrifice to lust! Let him disgust me before pleasing me! Let him be what others have been, an instrument that I can break before becoming the echoes of its vibration.

All monsters have their fits of depression.

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