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Raheel Farooq is a thinker and writer based in Punjab, Pakistan. His first, and yet last, book titled "Zaar", a collection of his Urdu poetry, was published in 2010. He has an associate degree in sociology and journalism and is currently looking for opportunities to study further.

Raheel Farooq Quotes

Learn, or you'll be made to learn.

The most crucial problem with intellectual learning is that it receives the unknown on the grounds of the known.

If proof were the standard of truth, fallacies would constitute the ultimate reality.

The intelligent have plans; the wise have principles.

A beautiful girlfriend is worth two more.

Knowledge is not discovery, but recognition.

One mistake cannot justify another.

Conquer yourself; the world is you!

Runner up is champion of the losers.

Men marry. Women wed.

Consider an achievement accidental if it is not coupled with modesty. Because if the achiever had endeavoured for it, it would certainly have killed their pride.

Time decides the limits of existence. Nothing can be infinite if it exists in time.

Time is conscience of the universe.

The greatest fear in life is not of death, but unsolicited change.

Politics is the only art whose artists regularly disown their masterpieces.

Truth can conquer but only beauty can rule.

Bread cannot feed the addicts of beauty.

Peace, love and beauty are goals shared by every human heart. The question is whether our minds recognize them as such.

Colours are nature gone wild.

Children are prophets of nature.

A mind can be empty of thoughts but a heart cannot be void of feelings.

Everyone is born with a different mind and the same heart.

The duty imposed on intellect by Life is not to suppress, but purify emotions.

Being and not being are not two different realities, but two different aspects of the same reality.

Melancholy is an escape not from reality, but unreality of the world.

The most ridiculous activity of human mind is questioning. Cognition of reality surpasses both question and answer, however ingenious.

The most brutal avenger on earth is a reality you ignored, however minor.

When sceptical about reality, man tends to believe the absurd.

If a fact does not modify your logic on being known, either you don't believe the fact or it is not a fact.

You can understand a philosophy thoroughly without having to follow it; but you understand religion only partially, that is, as a mere philosophy, unless you follow it.

Revenge is possible only if you spare the enemy.

Art is what appeals to the a priori.

I like religion and art because they know they are servants to life; I hate science and philosophy because they think they are its masters.

Artist is not human, but humanity.

That which is worth telling is not worth having.

The truth is not what I look for. It is what I look at!

The greatest of fools are those who fail to mark the invisible from the nonexistent.

Couples tend to think that being single is always singular. Singles tend to believe that being a couple is always copulatory.

Be at peace with yourself, or you'll be at war with everyone.

Man is meant for good but designed for evil.

Humans are one, not divided, but multiplied into many.

Always doubtful is the one who always looks for certainty.

It's not in the life, it's in the living.

It's not that people don't know when they'll die. It's that they don't seem to know they'll die.

Evolution is more about adaptivity than adaptability.

We do wrong because people do it, never realizing that we are the people.

Stupidity is not a behavior; it's a religion. One can die for it!

Friends; the more, the less!

Children and journalists need what they don't need actually.

Life is not how we lead it. It is how children are born to lead it.

A successful father is not more successful than his children.

Do not judge a man by where he stands, but how he reached there.

Better exert power than justify it!

Ignorance binds people tighter than culture.

Present, rather than past, is the mother of future. So, your future must take after your present. But if it resembles more your past, the granny must be a slut!

The fate of man does not chase him as much as he chases his fate.

The biggest challenge for human mind is human mind.

That which does not come by logic, does not leave by logic.

We seldom make logical mistakes, but often have mistaken logics.

Genuine wisdom has two major conditions: you cannot teach it, and you cannot make someone learn it.

A good teacher does something more than teaching; he makes you start learning.

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