Robert Black Quotes

Robert Black Quotes

When it comes to work, I will stop at nothing. When it comes to writing, I will never stop.

Most of us spend all our working life dreaming of doing nothing, then when we end up doing nothing, we long for something. When we have neither longing, I think that is what they call living for the moment.

Christianity fucked men and women up. Men feel guilty and women have misguided anger. The result, a weak male. Fucking controls on our behaviour. It’s like a sickness. A control sickness.

Women should not be penalized for being women. Equally, men should not be penalized for being men. I fear that in overly politically correct western Christian democracies, the latter is occurring. It should not be forgotten that nature will correct the pendulum, so that is does not swing too far either way.

Art corrupts. Absolute art corrupts absolutely. Please corrupt me absolutely.

Life can be at its cruelest with love and dreams. But of course they keep most of us going.

When I label something as fiction, people say it’s true, and when I label something as non-fiction, people say it is made up. If something is not 100% true, then I label it as fiction. After all, there is no half of a lie, is there?

The thing I find confusing about money is, though everyone is trying to get it, the more I have, the worse I feel. I suppose that is why I always get rid of it as fast as I can by trading it in for fun and free living, and try to assist my girlfriends to do the same. It’s not very karmic, after all.

A woman needs a man, more than a man needs a woman. We can thank prostitutes for that.

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