Ron Brackin Quotes

Ron Brackin Quotes

I read the writings of great men and women so that I can think bigger thoughts.

Confusion and doubt are an important part of faith.

Do what you will, but never out of fear.

Faith is such a wonderful thing. Without it, we would be panicky when we feel like we're standing alone and when the things we need and yearn for seem to be beyond our reach.

We were created with the ability and the inclination to admire beauty. We should, however, do our best not to fall in love with it.

Man's strongest instinct is not sex or self-preservation. it's to level the playing field.

The artist is the only one qualified to criticize his art, because only the artist knows what he was trying to express and how satisfied he is with the attempt.

There's no such thing as good art or bad art. Art is popular or unpopular. What is banned in Boston may be bid on at Christie's.

There's no such thing as great art or poor art. Art is subjective expression. As such, it can be judged only as popular or unpopular. What is banned in Boston may one day receive a million-dollar bid at Christie's. Art has, therefore, no use for critics but frequently finds itself amused by commentators.

Courtship is driven by hormones; marriage is sustained by humility and self-sacrifice.

No one can take credit for inspiration or creativity.

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