Rosamund Hodge Quotes

Rosamund Hodge Quotes

They said that love was terrifying and tender, wild and sweet, and none of it made any sense.
But now I knew that every mad word was true.

Where you go, I shall go; where you die, I shall die, and there will I be buried.

Knowing the truth is not always a kindness.

I remember the hours I had spent in Father's library, drugging myself with books so I could forget my doom for an hour..

There are a lot of things I want," I say quietly and deliberately. "But I think I will keep what I have.

But my family I had always had a duty to love, no matter how they had wronged me.

I never thought that freedom would feel so much like grief.

Why is he scared of the dark?"

I meant the words for a joke, but Shade nodded seriously. "Like all monsters. Because it reminds him of what he truly is".

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